Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sunny table

It's a dreary day and cold up north . I am looking out the window and  it is snowing. Tulips are pushing up through the frozen ground. One day it would be 69 and the night 32. A few more days and it will be May. I felt I needed a happy table. Yellow makes me happy.I used a bright yellow table cloth with gold stripes . Today was 39.Everything looks ugly brown with just patches of green.
I wanted to use some pretty dishes so chose these  Mikasa plates.

The green leaves the color of leaves on the place mats. I set the table for two.

The  salad is is with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Dessert is fresh fruit topped with a cherry.

Main dish is  garlic chicken breast

It is making me hungry.

Table setting with my acrylic silverware.

What is he crowing about? Oops that could be his brother I am eating.

A cup of steaming coffee.

The flowers I used porcelain liquid on them to make them feel like porcelain.
I love Spring if it ever gets here.

Bread holder.

My cocky rooster looks mad too. Mother Nature please no more . I am seriously pondering over  whether I should keep doing tablescapes. Comments I don't care page views yes. It seems I am dropping in status. It has been  fun and disappointing at the same time. Any help on what I am doing wrong to help me to decide.

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Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Your dinner looks yummy. The table is so bright and happy. I feel so bad for everyone that keeps having that terrible weather when we are having such lovely weather. Worked in the garden for about 2 hours this morning. Have three 6 packs to plant, will be putting them in my pots to fill them up with color.
Have a wonderful Easter.
Your tablescape looks lovely.

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