Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birds of a feather

Love my bird dishes.  they came from the thrift store  I got 4 at 25 cents each score
These I think are vintage probably in the fifties no label so don't know maker.  The two lipped one I think maybe a gravy dish
This is a battery candle in the flower.
I just had to show off my birdie tree.  It is supposed to be an egg tree but I use it  also for xmas balls etc.
oops my candle is tipping. little blue bird sitting on an apple
LONG VIEW OF TABLE  New way to fold napkin using napkin holder to hold it up.mats are all cut work on corners.Haven't decided menu yet.
My tulips haven't flowered so fake ones in milk glass dish. Just looked and saw that my white daffodils have opened up.  They kinda got beat down from the down poor.

Love those cardinals .I don't get to see many here. I guess I don't use the right bird seed.  I saw that my bird houses have birds nesting.  Little wrens or sparrows.  They are very protective of their territory.  They chase away all other birds.  We have some crows and they will eat the eggs.  Last year a robin built 2 nests and each one the wind blew over and cracked the eggs.  I haven't seen the robins nest so far.
Blue transfer plate for color got it in the wrong order. oh well
Love this bird cage Can't see the birds very well some natural objects to fill such twig object

sweet sleeping dove.  I hear them coo on the morning sort of a mournful sound.

These are glass humming birds.  It lights up pretty

unusual birds nest It is going out on my deck if it ever warms up.  I just went out and it is 70 out whoo whoo.  I opened the windows for the first time.
I have only got two but love the blue birds got at salvation army. 50 cents each

Pardon the wrinkles had to hurry to get this done.  I just wanted you see the red tulips.

under cloche.  Had to take of cover

More cute birdies on my home made mantle.  Cloche is made from candle shade upside down in pretty blue dish. A little variegated tassel tops it off.

Love nest It was a wreck when I got it but a little paint and glue made a cute bird house.The bird is looking down so hard to see.

This is a music box. Robins are the first birds in my yard. They sometimes nest in the rafters of my deck.We watched two sets of babies hatch and spread their wings and fly away.  Another miracle from God.
A little different way to fold napkin
Close up of napkin with  cut work and name tag

Has spring sprung yet?  I think its sprung a leak.  Everyone is getting so much rain.  My yard is a small pond. Up north our summers are so short we need every good day we can get. I am not complaining just an observation.  I think of all the people who  have lost every thing and I feel sad but grateful that it hasn't been bad here.Today is a little warmer and the sun is shining. I thought I would share a simple birdie tablescape in red white and blue.  It doesn't show but the table cloth has red tulips on it.  My tulips haven't blossomed yet so had to use my scruffy fake ones do. I haven't even got the yard cleaned up. Haven't got the urge.
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