Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kids Halloween table

I am not usualy one to  do scary tablescapes. This just about as scary as it gets.

I made the little lamp shades to fit a goblet and used battery tea lights. He is a casper like ghost.

A friendly old witch. the skull is creepy.
Each lamp shade is different. I used a heavy weight card stock cut to size and painted them black. I used paste on critters.I made pattern using another lamp shade and fitted to an amber goblet.
A happy ghost

It has pumpkins on each side and says hope you have a scary Halloween. these were made with small milk carton .Painted and decorated.
Another happy ghost

This is my son"s goblet. I wanted to scare him lol

Toilet paper roll covered with black satin and tiny ghosts

Glass  eyeballs floating upside down

Paper napkins in a skull cup

Another lamp for Katie

Place setting. Found cute paper plates with felt for color over white plates

I added glitter on shades for more sparkle

See the skull

Somethings just don't work.

We have large crows in the area

This one perched on witches head

Found my black shades.

Black wiggly bats and skeletons.

Another funny bat

I love gum drops

It even scares me.

It even scared  the rat

Long view

Whew this was very time consuming. Hope you don't have a scary Halloween

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

lamp shades make overs

Easy  way to save a dull lamp shade. My favorite.

I had this pretty lamp base. I painted it with acrylic white painted and added the checked ruffle.

This is prettier then the picture shows. It is silk flower petals. The bottom row are white and pink. Blue and gold ribbons on the top

Blue and yellow butterfles adorn this shade with added prisms and pink cording.this is in my bedroom.

I have this lamp shade but am pondering over adding anything. Give me an opinion  what you would do.

Another shade . It is shoddy and dirty.will be doing soon

I like the base .
The shade is on an antique base.

Just another make over. Pink satin ribbon and flower bouquet on top. It is in my Victorian bedroom.

my new projects

i have not been blogging for a long while as some of you know. I had a major complicated operation and was hospitalized for over 4 months. I hope to be back  soon. This is a few pictures of my projects I have been making . No comments just enjoy. I was making these for a future craft show. They are mostly handmade and then embellished to make them more beautiful. The candles ,goblets and metal or ceramic are not.

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