Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sunny table

It's a dreary day and cold up north . I am looking out the window and  it is snowing. Tulips are pushing up through the frozen ground. One day it would be 69 and the night 32. A few more days and it will be May. I felt I needed a happy table. Yellow makes me happy.I used a bright yellow table cloth with gold stripes . Today was 39.Everything looks ugly brown with just patches of green.
I wanted to use some pretty dishes so chose these  Mikasa plates.

The green leaves the color of leaves on the place mats. I set the table for two.

The  salad is is with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Dessert is fresh fruit topped with a cherry.

Main dish is  garlic chicken breast

It is making me hungry.

Table setting with my acrylic silverware.

What is he crowing about? Oops that could be his brother I am eating.

A cup of steaming coffee.

The flowers I used porcelain liquid on them to make them feel like porcelain.
I love Spring if it ever gets here.

Bread holder.

My cocky rooster looks mad too. Mother Nature please no more.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

kid.s Easter table

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Today feels more like spring. It is in the 60's. I thought I would do a breakfast table for the kids so they can go egg hunting. If it is anything like my kids they would wake us up at the crack of dawn. Sleepy eyed I would have to make something quick to eat before they could find their baskets of treats.

View of what it looks like. Yes there is sweet treats on the table. I think a nice hot egg and toast would be a good start.I made fruit with bananas, oranges and apples with strawberries on the top, plus some frozen berries with sugar to suck on. A glass of orange juice and milk to top it off.

Frozen strawberries with sugar.yum

A little basket of chocolate malt eggs.

peeper bird on nest.

bunny place card.

Fluffy walking chick.

Chick on candle

More goodies

I think the bunny was a bit much on the sweets. This should be the time to celebrated the reason for the season. Tell a brief story about the birth of our Lord. Have a Happy Easter.

Centerpiece. Tree lights up

Basket of painted eggs

Soft bunny and chick that winds up and walks.

Fruit on skewer. Now lets go Easter egg hunting.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter bunnies

I am sitting here in a dim light to get this done for  Thursday tablescape.My furnace went off and it is cold in my small apartment. I have moved over to the other side  where it was warm. Will probably for a while if we can't get some one to come and fix it as it is something major. The bunnies are waiting for the big day. I have no little ones but when I was a child we would color eggs the old fashion way. My mother would hide them for us to look for them .I don't remember baskets or candy . We didn't know any better. We would go to Sunday school and learn the true meaning for Easter.
My big bunny the show piece surrounded by a wreath of flowers. I glittered all the leaves and and flowers . It doesn't  show up.Little bunnies looking up to mama bunny. So sweet.
I am using my mismatched plates from Bavaria. The large one my pretty rosebud dishes.
Pink ribbons for the fun of it. I love the polka dots.
A little dish of snacks waiting for the ham to be cut.
I like a dish of  healthy fruit. It also makes a splash of color.
I am also a big fan of veggies.
Cute bunny place cards peeking out of fruit dish. They said it was a kid craft. I am no kid but it took a few tries to get that cute look.

It took a few days to get this together as I am still on oxygen and slow at walking. I must have walked a mile of trips back and forth.
Another view of my early Easter table. Hope you all have a good one. Join me next week with the kids table. I think all the pastel colors are so spring .  It is still cold here and dirty snow banks. Another storm  coming our way soon.
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