Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Memorial

Living near Camp Drum we here are aware of the suffering  of the families . every day for our soldiers who are fighting for our freedom.
Our town is so proud of our boys. We have flags on telephone poles all over.
I went with the white dishes so they would show up better on the striped placemats.
Why is the bear the star? Think of it. If the beasts of the wild are free why not every human.
Goody tiered dishes for the sweet tooth.
Inflated  ball just for the fun of it also supports the bear
I made the napkins added bow and star.
Star coaster

an other version
Notice the tableware in red white and blue.
I am as patriotic as the next one but we need a change. The rich get rich and the poor and middle class get poorer and poorer. Money is the root of all evil. Think before you vote .

Friday, May 9, 2014

spring table

Today the temperature is in the 70's. Maybe it"s here to stay. It has been a long cool spring.  I might even eat lunch on the deck. The yard is still looking bad. 

I thought of lilacs and had the perfect tablecloth. The yellow napkins I used for place mats give it a more cheerful combo.
thrift store find. A candle holder.

Close up love birds. I have some birds in my bird houses. It has rained so much the poor things are having a hard time keeping dry and tending to babies.
He is eyeing me lol
cup  candle holder

candle holder
different way of displaying napkin. Tied with a ribbon and birds nest.
closer view

last but not least. Shows  the pattern of my dishes. Have a nice Mother's day.Kitty says it's time to go. He just wants some petting.
I'm getting hungry steak ,beans'carrots and garlic bread. Dessert vanilla pudding and whipped cream, yum let' eat.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

home spun1

The fruit salad is ready to make to make your own .  This was supposed to be an out door picnic but mother nature said no. It is raining  and cold so we will have our picnic inside where it is warm and cozy.
The corn is ready. Sweet as honey . The steaks are on the grill and we are ready.
I was going to use my pretty white flowers but the  rain  knocked them down so my fake ones will have to do.See the red thing on the ground, It is the key I lost over 2 years ago. Lucky me as it was the  original key.It was quite a surprise as it was the only original. It is a good thing I had extra keys made. The key part was completely buried so I thought it was just a piece of junk that got blown there. It was raining hard but my curiosity had me in the pouring rain digging it out. It'ts a good thing.

Just another view.My idea was a farm table for special people.

Place setting. Deep red reed place mat. Love to see the table cloth showing through the tableware. All white for a simple but nice contrast.
The clear glass tall water glass is filled with colored glass stones to hold my fake flowers straight. Pretty red roses around the base.

front view of table. My thoughts were a special table to honor one  special person. Farm workers work very hard and long hours. I like the idea of honoring someone for outstanding work he or she has done. What a great incentive for them.

simple dishes for a simple meal. 

The red dish for that special person.
I found these flower pot napkin holders at my favorite thrift store.. The red dot napkins I made.That is a lemon on the top.

Toothpick holders for after eating corn. I can just see a farm hand with a tooth pick in his mouth,

Another napkin holder with a pear. I only had two red dot napkins. I have to make do.

A little bit of country with the cow salt shakers. How about some country music in the background.
My chicks salt and pepper shapers
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I made the lamp shades for tea lights over small drink glass
Let's eat  Click on comments to comment

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

lbefore and after stools

I had four stools that were in bad shape but didn't want to get rid of them. This is a very cheap and easy way to renew.  Paper bags, stain , polyurethane , glue and white enamel paint. You start by tearing the bag in pieces in all different shapes. Then crush them in to a ball. . 

Flatten each piece and cover with paste. These tops were very porous so had to use a lot of paste. The paste you can mix flour and water like you would for wall paper. I like to start with the large pieces and use the cut ends to fold under the seat.

This was the before picture. It has one spindle missing so will use it as a plant stand on the deck.

You can see here the prick marks. I cleaned the legs good and sanded them. I painted an under coat to fill any dents and cracks.

Have you got a small space that needs new flooring?What is good about it is that it wears great.You  can use in bathrooms, kitchens, and closet floor. You can mop it and if it starts to wear you can coat it with more polyurethane. Mine is in an entrance and has been there for over 3 years. I suggest you start with a small project. The color stain you use will determine the final color.This was done with manila envelopes. You can see the torn areas took it darker to look like stones. You also can do it on counter tops and make it look like granite .
This was the hardest part for me to get out all the staples.The cover is made of to look like fake leather.

This was my big mistake as I didn't have a paper bag. I used printer paper which is fine but I wanted to see what color the stain would look like. Wrong. It wouldn't dry. So 12 am I was washing it with vinegar,. success. I have done a lot of paper bagging without a problem.
I like to start in the center and save the cut ends to fold under seat
The inside of the cover icky.

Here you can see it is made of chip board.

Materials you would need. I would buy a better brand of white paint as this one didn't cover well. For how simple this could have been it turned out to be annoying.

The torn pieces all different shapes.

It needs another coat of white, Don't let this stop you from trying it on something, There will be hundreds of ways of using this process.Like to see what you come up .
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