Wednesday, April 9, 2014

kid.s Easter table

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Today feels more like spring. It is in the 60's. I thought I would do a breakfast table for the kids so they can go egg hunting. If it is anything like my kids they would wake us up at the crack of dawn. Sleepy eyed I would have to make something quick to eat before they could find their baskets of treats.

View of what it looks like. Yes there is sweet treats on the table. I think a nice hot egg and toast would be a good start.I made fruit with bananas, oranges and apples with strawberries on the top, plus some frozen berries with sugar to suck on. A glass of orange juice and milk to top it off.

Frozen strawberries with sugar.yum

A little basket of chocolate malt eggs.

peeper bird on nest.

bunny place card.

Fluffy walking chick.

Chick on candle

More goodies

I think the bunny was a bit much on the sweets. This should be the time to celebrated the reason for the season. Tell a brief story about the birth of our Lord. Have a Happy Easter.

Centerpiece. Tree lights up

Basket of painted eggs

Soft bunny and chick that winds up and walks.

Fruit on skewer. Now lets go Easter egg hunting.


Tea in Texas said...

Your kids Easter table is so much fun The lighted tree is the perfect centerpiece and something I would love to find. Your sweet place mats add to the celebration. The fruit skewers are perfect for hungry kids and adults before going Easter egg hunting! Have a terrific week!


Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

This is so cute- kids would love it. My mom always made us wait for our Easter Baskets too. The food looks great and I'm sitting here hungry thinking those eggs are mighty inviting!

Anonymous said...

Such a cheerful table! Love it all, especially that great tree.


Oh my, I almost missed this table sweet lady! It is amazing, I love all the beautiful details and bunnies and food and tree! What a fun table too!!!
My dad would give us each kid n Easter basket, back in fun it was!
I see you've added a cat to your furry zoo, lol!
Have a lovely Sunday.

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