Friday, May 31, 2013

The quiet man

If you are wondering what this has to do with the quiet man. Absolutely nothing. Just a peek at next weeks post.  If you have been following me you know I lost my brother last winter and we will have his funeral Friday. He was known by some as the quiet man. He was loved by many but he would listen and smile and say few words. Bob joined the Navy when he was old enough and served 4 years . He then joined the Naval reserves til his retirement. He worked at Frink's snow plow factory in his home town until it closed. He was always our hero but he never knew that he would become one. He was walking near the river when some one had fallen through the ice. He rushed over the dangerous ice and pulled the boy to safety. He was awarded by the fire dept for saving a life . To Bob it was the right thing to do. A few years ago he fell on the new fire boat and hit his head. A year later he had an Alzheimer condition. The family will celebrate his life he lived it bravely. He will join his mom dad and siblings.
Join  with me in 2 weeks and see what I am up too.

Photo by friend Sally.Viewed through leaves,blowing in the breeze,struggling to be proud and free. It's there for you and me.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stars and stripes forever.

Both my husband ,second world war, and his father, 1st world war served in the army air force and Army.
To all my 2 brothers ,nephews ,uncles and cousins and friends who served in the  Army ,Navy ,Airforce .Thank you for keeping our country safe. Everyone one was so patriotic  in the 1st and.second world war.we bought war bonds ,women rolled bandages and worked in factories building  planes like Rosie the riveter. The USO put on shows to keep up the moral of the boys. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope for example. I was just a teen ager but remember it well.

Our town lost a lot of our boys and we had a lighthouse memorial with all their names. We now have a new one made of stone with a brick walk way with the names of our veterans. My husband and father in law have their names there. We will have a parade and the laying of a wreath there. My husband was in the color guard so marched in the parades and attended funerals for vets.

Stars and stripes center piece.Cup is holding sparkly center piece.

 Our town have flags all year round on telephone poles. My cardinal looks proud to guard the flags. Found most of  the pails ,place mats, etc at my  favorite thrift store.
Cobalt blue dish will hold sweets. there will be veterans asking for donations for poppies to help out .
Star candles in ruby candle holders.
Have you guessed what this is?  It is a reflector  and I used them for coasters.
Perfect for this tablescape. I live on the street the parade goes by so the two dogs and kitty can sit and watch the parade of legion ,bands and scouts march. They are so good and never make a peep.
More blue and red and white. Like all over the country there will much entertainment to keep the crowd.  Out door barbecues . craft fairs, music. Pray for the men and women in the service who are keeping our coutry free and peaceful.  Extra prayers for them and pray they come home safe. The world is in so much  turmoil we don't
know the outcome so lets all join together and pray for peace.
It takes a long time to find items to make up theme   table scapes. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let's get started


Have you ever had a day that just doesn't work the way you planned? My idea was to use the colors for the lilacs. Purple can be regal or somber. I choose to have a cheerful table. I was going  TO use pink accessories but that seemed too dull. It took a while to find enough yellow to make the table pop.
Kitty was busy feeding his self from his bag of food he knocked down on the floor.
This was my inspiration and as I post this the lilacs begin to droop.I added a little greenery to perk them up.

For the place mats I used two doilies. The base of a warmer to set the vase. Wrapped up are wax flower candles.the long lace runner will contrast with the purple.

I added the dinner plate and lilac napkins.It is starting to shape up.

It's begining to look cheerful.  I added the flower salad plates and my crystal glassware.



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's for dessert

The calender may say it is Spring but the thermometer says it is cold. It was 82 one day and  the next went down to 38. it is sunny out. I had to bring in  some plants I was in a hurry to put out. It can vary here right up to June. I did get my picket fence painted and ready to be moved. The tulips are fading fast. I had about 3o pink ones done blooming.
June will be strawberry time. We used to take grand kids to a strawberry farm. We ate as much as we picked.So much better right off the plant.  We got to ride on the wagon. Those were the good days. I wanted to use my pretty dishes with the roses. Pastel tablecloth and invite someone for tea and dessert I wonder who.
I used the purple butterflys just for fun instead of napkin rings. If you know me I like to be different.Even if noone shows up I will enjoy my goodies.
My poor droopy tulips . Another day and they will fade out.  No its not Easter bunny. I have bunnys that go under my deck every winter. I hope they survived the winter. I like my china  ones with the flower garlands. He looks a little startled for all the attention.

Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Can hardly wait to eat that. it is sitting on a white pedestle.

How about cut up banana  with cream
A cup of tea and some grapes.Warm me up with tea and no sugar.

pastel green napkins and cute tea holders
Bunny likes what he sees. This angle he looks happy.
Pretty pitcher for nice cold milk if you please.
Just one more time he is so cute.
This is what I am waiting for. They look yummy.
A closer look at the butterflys.My mom used to make a great big biscuit slice it in half and pile it high with our just picked strawberries. Oh so good. May is half over and June will be getting warmer and then our summer will begin. Lots of garage sales and tourists everywhere.til the next time come see what I cook up lol                                                                                          

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bring onthe sunshine

Error, error! I forgot the napkins in the napkin holder. I would have put paper ones. Did you notice?haha. I will blame the dogs or kitty as they are following me back and forth. I finally had to take kitty and shut the door on him. He wanted to help.

It's a bright sunny day out. We hit about 70 yesterday. I have spent the last few days trying to get our yard  done. A momumental job as it a big area. The bulbs are blossoming and the tulips will soon burst out . Mostly pink. I set my breakfast room for two waiting for someone like you. My table is bursting with color. I found this busy colorful runner so used plain dishes in the colors of the runner.

Perfect vase for my real flowers from my yard. Love the dragon flys.Milk picture with colors of runner. I am losing part of my picket fence. Makes me sad. My dream house was to have shutters and a picket fence. We will try and use it in an other location as neighbors are putting up a privacy fence,

What do I do when I am sad. Eat my favorite foods. Eat light so I can have dessert.My new rose bush got crushed by about 3 foot pile of snow from shoveling roof. I am sad as it was gift from a neighbor.
My little whimsy loving bunny salt and pepper shakers. butterfly with pink flowers.
More colors in printed napkins with fancy corners and blue edging,
Bananas with whipped cream and drizzle of chocolate and a grape on top. Now I am getting happy. Must be the chocolate.

Wanted to show you the runner. Too nice to pass up. It has tiny button holes across the top. could be a valance. It is very wide. I didn't use place mats so. not to cover the flowers

How can I stay sad when this is a happy tablescape. Time is fleeting spring will go by fast and the summer is so short so take time to smell the roses.        

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