Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lets have a luau

Even the chandy dressed up
I would as an after thought use smaller rolls.
Lots of veggies with onion dip.
I used different place settings.  I liked them both but made it a little more interesting.
A little sauce for kabobs. Are you  ready to put the kabobs on the grill and corn in micro.?  I'm getting hungry.Let the quests fix there own veggie and fruit kabobs and save your self a little time.

All finger food on a hot day. who wants to cook? corn done in micro wave yum good.
I like the wicker glass holders.  The glasses have blue stripes the straws are different colors and are also spoons  for ice cream if you are not to full. The wicker tray are the same as the coasters under coffee cups.The glass jar will hold the lemonade.

You are invited to a party.  Come as you are or grass skirts  are acceptable.this would be good for a teen party with all the hot weather. I was going to have it out side but too humid.

Found at my thrift store just in time

Wine for adults and pink lemonade for kids
After dinner mints
Just some fake flowers for center piece
  I wanted to do this on the deck but too hot to drag everything outdoors. The plates and tablecloth are plastic as barbecues can be messy. to match the colors I wrapped yarn around the candle and used a dipping dish for holder.
Lets pretend we are in Hawaii where the Luau is a tradition
veggies and graham crackers with peanut butter,whipped cream and squirt of chocolate and a cherry on top.  I bet you can't just eat one.
Time to put on the grill and corn in the micro.  I am getting hungry.Thanks for hosting

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dainty country blue

It has been hot and humid for several days.  My garden and dogs are suffering. I have not done much so thought I would get post done early so wouldn't have to worry about it getting done and just relax. I got to see all my grand babies this week with a get together  at the cottage on the river my grand daughter rented for the week.I wanted something simple but pleasant lunch for two.I made the tablecloth and that was my inspiration.
Country ducks salt and pepper.  The candle holders are napkin holders.

I got the place mats and napkins at yard sale yesterday.  the butterflys my sister gave me.  Everything falling in place.  
One cup teapot for the tea lover
My acrylic silverware I use a lot.  See how they pick up the colors 
My scoop ducks hold mints.  they are really measuring spoons.
For the coffee drinkers or possibly cocoa.  Maybe a cold drink would be a better choice on this hot day.
My everyday corelle dishes and mismatched teacup.
the shade I have had for a while.  Perfect
love the apple dishes with blue trim for salad plate.
The rooster I just got at yard sale yesterday. 
I have had these dishes a long time. they are so pretty and dainty. Susan for hosting

Friday, July 6, 2012

Are you blue? Try yellow and blue.

It's been hot and humid.  I love the combination of the yellow and blue.It  makes me  smile and glad that I am here despite the way the world is going.  enjoy it now. Everything here are my thrifting buys.I got to see my new great grandson for the first time.  He is only six months old but so smart and cute . I got to hold him and had our picture took.
Sorry about big space .  Didn't know how to change it.
Thanks Susan for hosting

Found the flower dishes and the place mats.  The corning dinner plate I have had for ages.It is too hot so didn't hunt for napkin rings just placed little flower instead.

What an angry looking rooster I guess he doesn't approve of the little ones getting all the attention. Bad bird lol.  I don't know why all the holes on him.  My guess is toothpicks for olives etc. If you know let me know.

These are the other two plates I got.  The birds are looking things over.

The sun was shining through the deck so pictures not so great. I am having trouble with my computer so hurrying before it goes caput.

Had corning dishes in basement for many years who knew I would be using them on a tablescape. 

Flower pot came with mother's day plant.  Pulled apart some fake ones to make blue  and yellow center piece.

I had a yummy lunch alone.  No one showed up.  oh I for got to invite anyone lol. Sweetcorn I cooked the corn in the shuck in my micro wave for 5 minutes.  Sweet and juicy. Tossed salad with melon and feta cheese no dressing as the fruit gives it a sweet flavor.

Chicken sandwiches on wheat bread.  I try to eat healthy.

I love strawberries with just a little sweetener.

Just a little thirst quencher crystal lite.

Reversible place mats from thrift store.

Left a little vignette to enjoy for dinner later.

whoopee I can at last eat on the deck in comfort.  It has been quite hot but there is a breeze that wafts its way through my deck.The trees look like dancers swaying to sound of the wind. I start to think of fairies and pretty butterflies.  When I am alone and just a little blue I think yellow and blue and put on a happy face. I just got the roosters and chickens and place mats at my thrift store.So this  is my inspiration.
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