Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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The fruit salad is ready to make to make your own .  This was supposed to be an out door picnic but mother nature said no. It is raining  and cold so we will have our picnic inside where it is warm and cozy.
The corn is ready. Sweet as honey . The steaks are on the grill and we are ready.
I was going to use my pretty white flowers but the  rain  knocked them down so my fake ones will have to do.See the red thing on the ground, It is the key I lost over 2 years ago. Lucky me as it was the  original key.It was quite a surprise as it was the only original. It is a good thing I had extra keys made. The key part was completely buried so I thought it was just a piece of junk that got blown there. It was raining hard but my curiosity had me in the pouring rain digging it out. It'ts a good thing.

Just another view.My idea was a farm table for special people.

Place setting. Deep red reed place mat. Love to see the table cloth showing through the tableware. All white for a simple but nice contrast.
The clear glass tall water glass is filled with colored glass stones to hold my fake flowers straight. Pretty red roses around the base.

front view of table. My thoughts were a special table to honor one  special person. Farm workers work very hard and long hours. I like the idea of honoring someone for outstanding work he or she has done. What a great incentive for them.

simple dishes for a simple meal. 

The red dish for that special person.
I found these flower pot napkin holders at my favorite thrift store.. The red dot napkins I made.That is a lemon on the top.

Toothpick holders for after eating corn. I can just see a farm hand with a tooth pick in his mouth,

Another napkin holder with a pear. I only had two red dot napkins. I have to make do.

A little bit of country with the cow salt shakers. How about some country music in the background.
My chicks salt and pepper shapers
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I made the lamp shades for tea lights over small drink glass
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Anonymous said...

I love the red dot napkins and your talent is showing by making the candle holders. How original, I would never have thought of that. The red theme is indeed perfect for a farm hand-good job! Jane

Anonymous said...

Corn looks yummy, makes my mouth water. Very country looking tablescape, I like it.

Debbie Moore said...

Looks fantastic! Love the table but the salad is beautiful and that corn wants to jump off the screen onto my table!

Alycia Nichols said...

Whoa! Wait a minute!!! I just changed the name of your blog! Oh, Vernice! I understand. :-(

So Mother Nature has been acting up there, too, huh? It's hard to tablescape outdoors when it's cold or rainy or windy. We get a lot of that here, too. In fact, we're supposed to get record cold for this time of year tonight. Yikes!

It's so wild that you found that key after 2 long years!!! That's amazing that it just popped up and caught your eye like that!

This is a wonderful example of a farm-style table, starting with the fun checkered tablecloth! The cows and chicks were a run addition to the whole look. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to the farm workers of the world! They are indeed very hard laborers!

You did an outstanding job on the lamp shades!!! I never could have made those! Very cool to put them on a glass to look like a little lamp!

As always, the food looks fantastic!

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