Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simple Brown and Peach.

It is dreary and raining out so I thought I would do a lunch for two with my new brown dishes. I had the felt lacy mats and brown napkins my inspiration. Amber cordial stemware and pressed glass goblet
I needed a center piece . I used the felt mat for contrast and tiered the dishes for goodies.  The flowers gave more interest.Notice the peachy rose buds scattered.

The brown and peach colors made a pretty setting. Even the mug rugs has the brown. Plain modern look tableware. What's for lunch?  Undecided.... lol
Even kitty wanted to help. I think he wanted a rose bud to play with.

Like to put a birdie on my table . I think I will put him on  the tiered dishes. When the robins come Spring will soon be here.

Gold decor candle holder.
I like it.

Full view. Peach table cloth.

My birthday ice cream cake made my daughter

Cordial stemware. I am now legally 82. Happy birthday to me

I'm participating in Tablescape Thursday at

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lets party Mardi gras way

I know their colors are purple, gold and green. I am interested because my neice and her daughter are teachers in New Orleans.They get to go to the festivals where locals dress in out rages costumes in their colors and throw necklaces to the lookers.

It ends on ash Wednesday.
all week there are  many parades and festivities.
I have tried to do a northen version. I am not a hot spice eater  but will try a milder recepie.
I gathered some gold lame over a gold runner and scattered coins for bling. I had the masks from last year. and used a green candle holder with bells just for fun.

I have used these stem ware many times. Note the initials on beads for place cards.
lucky me I found a purple table cloth.As many of you already know every thing I have is from garage sales and thrift stores. Two gold napkins ,one for your lap and one for your lips. Braided napkin rings.

Place setting with gold charger, braided napkin ring .
This plate was perfect. I only had two so only two settings.
Just another view.
This gold pillar is sitting on the bottom of a candle warmer upside down. Do with what you have.
Little bowls for soup or dessert.
Had to dress up my plain chandy. I wish I could join the fun.For the people who ask anonomous I am sorry I can't allow some one to copy my blog as there are to many spams going on but appreciate the great comments.All my posts are done by me.Being a northener I am not up to southern food. I think cajun spicy food and sea food. I am not into spicy but could try a milder version. How about lobster tails . Oh yeah not in my

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Red roses for a blue lady

Many years ago before most of you were born I gave my heart to the only man I ever loved.
We fell in love and our hearts entwined and became one.

I was 18 and he had been in ww2. We married and had 2 children .We were together for 53 years. Our vows said til death do we part
But our love goes deeper then that. I believe that we will meet again some day and be together for eternity.
sad but I am happy that I can honor him today. My brother who is deceased birthday is Valentines day. The two men I truly love.
There is my roses for a blue lady. This is a dessert table yogurt with berries and syrup.yumm my favorite.

Front view
red roses for a blue lady
Center piece is a music box.
You know I love bears. They make me happy.

Today I vow to give you the key to my heart my love
Til we meet again

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Angels surround me
The room was too sunny could not get good pictures. The tree is a lighted spiral tree wrapped with floral garlands. There is at least 50 angels in glass, porcelain, cloth. Animal angels.Ducks and bears. These are just a few. They make me happy.
More on bench on enclosed porch. Today is very cold out but clear blue sky and sunny.
This is a very beautiful afro american angel.
close up  you can see the flowers. Pictures do not to them justice.
A larger cloth doll usually sits in the window.
Inside the entrance door.
Have you ever felt that your angels are around you? I have had many experiences where I knew that something non physical has helped  me in many instances. That inner voice that tells you to listen and heed..For instance I was approaching main highway on a bridge that was on a hill when my lights of my car began to blink.I didn't know why and approached the highway there was no car coming in the second lane when I pulled out a fast car whizzed by me inches from me. The lights never did that again so now I listen. Some of my angels are human. I have had many people in my now life be there when I need them like putting my groceries in the car. Holding my arm when slippery etc. I have ostio arthritis and they see I am having a hard time walking. I have an angel tree I keep up all the time to remind me to be an angel to someone even if its just a smile a hug or say something nice to them and make them laugh.
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