Monday, June 25, 2012

A bit of whimsy lunch

Today is a dark dreary rainy day so thought I would do a colorful cheery tablescape. I just got a free tablecloth and scurried around to find all my yellow dishes I have been saving for a fun table.
I don't know if these are candle holders but put my dessert spoons in them.  These were also given to me,  They are glass with colored glass fired into.
I wanted to get a close look at the pattern on the table cloth.
The other side printed on to look like cross stitch
Salad plate shaped like a flower makes a fun dish
Large dinner plate mismatch but color wise works
The goblets are french crystal bought many years ago
The green table ware pop the green in the tablecloth.  What fun to eat off a sunflower.
One of my whimsical chickens . They make me smile.
Individual teapot that holds one cup.
This one looks like she is happy. A creamer
The butterfly just screamed use me.  So pretty
Another whimsical find.  Everything came thrift stores or garage sales.
Couldn't forget this as I have been gardening all week
My other sweet hen.  Looks very contented
Put them all together and They make me happy. I hope you all enjoyed my happy table. back to Susan

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Independence day 2012

My red white and blue urn with 911 flag
Blue candle in vase and patriotic ribbon
I have used this many times but each a little different.

Arent they the sweetest very vintage
I thought the place mats were perfect with the red and white stripes
flag is under the blue plate
Each soup bowl has their name on it with permanent marker.
Plaque I have been saving for this great occasion.
Dear old uncle sam
Frontview of table see the cute liberty figures I just found them at a yard sale.
I added the little stars on the glasses and the stars on the table cloth glow when the lights are off.
Place setting.  The place mats fit right in with the red and white stripes.
Side table for goodies. Lemonade for non drinkers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

river rats.

This is where the locals eat and visit there friends.  Good food, friendly people, reasonable prices.  all good.

I don,t consider myself as a river rat even though I have lived here all my life.

On each side of the building are murals depicting early life on the river.This is a fishing guide making a shore dinner for the fishermen.This was the highlight of the fishing trip to cook the fish they caught.
As many of you live on the sea side I thought I would combine the two.

anchor for napkin holder

Beachy dishes for you sea lovers
We have lots of sailboats.  What a life.The runner is a valance.  Perfect for my tablescape.

Front view of table .see the life preserver for napkin holder.Little shells scattered.
This is one of the murals on the side of the koffee kove.
Norman Rockwell plate.Clear blue plate and tea towel matching colors with runner.

A Rockwell cup.  The sea captain

I used these as coasters

A oops seeds dropped from center piece
Closer view of plate
Beachy cup

Beachy table setting

Old lantern for boat used to elevate bowl. I use a battery candle so it lights up.

Center piece part got at thrift shop 
The end .Come and see us sometime You will love it. The air is clean and the folks friendly.
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