Wednesday, December 19, 2012

pre Christmas brunch

the place setting in Red and white The gold poinsettia will have a name tag.
Christmas is just a few days away and have not even done any shopping. I made a few  stocking stuffers. I will be at my son's for Christmas who lives just around the block. Hoping the weather is good as the children will be coming from NYC and NC.
The candle holder was a ugly gold color . I painted it white. I wound some gold garland and nested red balls. On the left is a candle lamp I used battery candle and wrapped it with plaid ribbon and filled it snow balls, fake of course and a pine deco.     On the right I used a plastic coffee jar with ribbon bands filled it with red and white mints. Glued a nest with cardinal on top.
A closer look at candle holder. I also hung small glass hangers from the curved part. The tablecloth is a shiny white with silver pattern.
I wanted to stick with red and green. Place mats in green and napkins red damask. the silverware is a  off white. The large white plate I use a lot. I have 4 glasses from the twelve days of Christmas and gold stemmed wine glasses.

On the chair I hung an elaborate Santa head. He wears a very fancy hat and tassel.
This a very fancy cone with small red and white roses.
I made the red circles to set off all the white. The candle is wrapped in white and silver brocade
A closer look at lamp In closer looks you will see I used a lot of plaid.
On the serving cabinet I used my green wine server and green stemmed glasses
I also put the sweets in a raised dish with cover.
cute salt and peppers.
This is one of a set of the twelve days of Christmas.
Scones with frosting on another Christmas dish.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My decor

Decor on mantle with lantern and vintage candlesticks. I have been working deleting pictures so I could post. I wasn't sure whether it would work. I tweaked a little and some of the pictures wouldn't post. So annoying.
these are a part of the 12 days of Christmas. There was only 8.  I also got some glasses.
This was the first version but didn't like the garland and changed the frame and top of cupboard.
My living room tree. Bambi is guarding the tree from kitty who plays with the decorations.
Mostly gold ,red and blue
Peanut's job is to guard the grapevine tree.There is little gold reindeer scattered. I don't think Peanut is very happy with his job and didn't like his new hat.'
I added the star in frame mittens and stockings  and lamp and carolers on cupboard. Added another lantern and my bird cages. I have put a bird in nest next to lantern. You may click pictures to enlarge.
Santa leaving his gifts.Peanut is uninpressed.
Bambi looks tired. He says the end til next week.
Old world Santa
Pets tree. Kitty up to no good.
Kris Kringle  in bay window
Gold tree in dining area with snow flakes and Santa and reindeer. I meant to do more trees but blog wouldn't let me.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

christmas decor 2012

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christmas 2012

I will not be posting until I find a way to be able to put pictures on my blog. Google has picasa combine personal and blogging pictures on picasa so that we have too many pictures for free space forcing us to delete hundreds of pictures or buy new space which when that is used will probably do the same.  Any suggestions appreciated.

Baby was sleeping all snug in his bed when up on his housetop arose such a clatter.

He raced to see what was the matter

He saw a jolly old man with a bag full of toys.

for good little boys.

Coffee table vignette

My boys's Christmas tree

Bambi guarding my tree. Kitty keeps playing with ornaments. Bad kitty

My old world Santa

Modern Santa decorating tree.

Some of my nut crackers

More nut crackers It's been looking a lot like Christmas all around my house. More to come next time.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Going down memory lane of past Christmas's before blogging. That year I trimmed 6 trees. This is a small white one in silver and blue in my blue bedroom. It has a sheer  silver table cloth with lights under it.
Bambi in his raindeer ears.
My bay window with fiber optic lights.
One of my Santa bears
Another year with old world Santa the trees are spiral trees wrapped in tinsel garlands.
Another Kris Kringle with grape vine treewith green garland and glass ornaments

My mom's memorial tree I decorate every year this year for all her grand children.
Another year my porcelain doll with candle
You see I like bears.
Pink tree in my bedroom with burgandy balls
And here's the boss wishing you all a merry Christmas.
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