Thursday, July 25, 2013

My new finds

What funny weather we have had this summer and it is nearing half over. First the torrential rains then the heat wave and now today sunny but 63 and cool nights.we are still working on restoring living room floor.All  the furniture in all my rooms. Needless to say it is not too pleasant. You have to have to make a mess to get something done. I decided instead of doing A Tablescape I would show you my new finds. Lucky me found the neatest stacked dishes in awsome colors. Can't you just see a birthday, shower,or anniversary party?                 
This ceramic lamp with the raised roses and perforated shade.  Perfect for my quest room. Don't you just love it ? $5.00
Another stacked dishes. This seems to be a popular craft. I wish I could separate them but I don't dare to try. I could use them all for different table scapes especially the pedestal one.
The tea pot is small but how cute for kids korner at Easter. The ribbons are raised.                                                                         
Just wanted to show my rugosa roses.
This is a chefs towel.  I think I did good. Back to work on my paper bag floor. Like a bad penny I will be back when my projects are done.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My cheapo finds

Who could resist these darling chicks 3 for a dollar for kids korner nested in a gold candle ring.
What a fun day. I went to two garage sales and you know Miss cheapo was in her glory as every thing was cheap ,cheap and I am a sucker for cheap.The cranberry candle holders 3 for a dollar. I am thinking little bouquet of flowers , candy delights or floating candles in the shape of flowers.
How about a mosaic vase and those pretty yellow flowers 1.00. The milk class compote with clear rippled rim 75 cents.The what's it. Can you quess what it is?
Made in Japan creamer. The other creamer is really a deep ruby red 1.00 each.

three butterflys 1.00. The wooden pedestal 75cents. Many uses I see for that. Should I paint it?

Did you quess right? It is  salt and pepper shakers.50 cents.

Up north it gets really cold. Great for shoveling.25 cents. whee

Last but not least. These are flash glass candle holders with gold flecks on the stems. Tiny flecks off on ruby top. Won't these be pretty at night lit up. I will feel so posh. haha. Will be looking for some ruby plates. Keep on looking and see how I use my new stash.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Can this be saved?

Today is a rainy dismal day so thought I would catch up on some laundry.While waiting for machine to stop I started peeking around and found this old stool. Ugh it was gross. Should I or not that was my question. I liked the legs and it was heavy and sturdy.So if there's a will there's a way.I started by pulling off the first layer then the next layer yikes There were three layers of material
I thought I must be nuts I don't even know where I will use it.

By now I came to a filling of straw and was sneezing. Pressing on I made a mess as it was blowing all over. What have I got myself into?

Wow down to the wood
Nice legs ,Maybe it will be fine.

This a layer of newspaper under the straw dates 1927 which makes it 73 years old. The paper  is a pennsylvania paper. Now comes the task of pulling out all the tacks and sanding the legs. I am exausted so I quess another day. Must look for some nice material.

You betcha. My sewing machine was not sewing right so back stitched the corners with button thread. The material was thrift store find . 2.00 for a huge piece. I will make pillows to match. I was going for shabby chic. How did I do? Not perfect but will do.
Made the bouquet with burlap strings. some ribbon I had.All total $3.00. When I finish the pillows will show you where I used them. Had a great 4th of July . Going out to dinner with family at my grand daughter's rented cottage on the river. Get to see my great  grand babies.

Still working on it. the floor getting ready to be sanded and redone. I decided to do the cushion pad.. Needed some color. I cut off an old curtain ruffle in country blue. Maybe a chair back in stead of pillow. Have to use what I've got.The hard part is finding it.

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