Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mother's day is coming soon. A time to reflect on my past. My mom has been gone for many years but memories are vivid.
As most of my followers know I come from a large family of ten. I wish that kids today could live in the sweet innocent world we lived.  Our street was a deadend street,our play ground. We didn't have to fear of being abducted,shot at, or molested. So sweet and fun times with our friends.

Our toys were cardboard boxes for sliding down the hill in winter. Chalk to play hop scotch. We didn't have electronics we entertained ourself playing games ,puzzles ,listening to the radio and buckled on ice  skates and roller skates.
I chose pink as it is dainty and lady like. My mom didn't have fancy dishes so to honor her I  used some of my prettiest dishes.

A little china basket with pink roses
I love the handle on the teapot. I like tea for lunch. and this one is quite large. More pink roses.My mom was a great cook and she even had a coloum in our local paper. She loved to do little crafts and had a white Christmas tree every holiday with her hand made crafts.                                               Our teacups with more roses. She was a mentor to all the kids on our block. There when someone needed a place to hang out. Such a happy time.  Too bad it will never be like that again.
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Napkins are embroidered flowers vintage. No alchol in our house so crystal lite. yum                                                                         
Cookies with whipped cream for the sweet tooth.   The little bear my mom  made of felt. She had a hugh collection of bears. Little chocolate eggs and behind the bear my Dresden sugar bowl. 

Finger food on side table. I try to eat healthy.
It's a cool day so a hot dish of chicken veggie soup will be tasty.
I'm a mom so I think I will sit and eat some lunch. I miss you mom you are here in spirit.

A little fruit and cheese.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mantle redos

To those who haven't seen my fireplace mantle I made from scraps out of the celler my husband saved to fix antique furniture. The supports were old table legs. The shelf from thrift shop I painted. The little supports under the shelf I cut from chair spindles.. I have radiant heat so this the only place I could make it. This was Christmas 2012.
This was the first version. The garland was too much so removed it also changed the stockings. Christmas 2012
This in the making. I used marble from an old dresser for the hearth.Anything that looks tipsy is because the floor is on a slant.
this  is fall of 2012. You can see the marble hearth here.See the mouse on electric fireplace.A cart of bears my favorites.
Christmas 2012. I kept changing it. I used some of my lanterns and my bird  cages which I have several. Notice the paint is the correct color. It makes the white pop. The cabinet beside the fireplace would you believe is a bathroom cabinet that holds my salt shakers.
Halloween 2012. My ghostly village with mice waiting for their dinner.
This 2013 change. I like the blue dishes. I found another plate rack and painted it.I put up a new shelf and just a simple candle display
close up of shelf and dishes. I had to fill holes and repaint them. Moved the sconces and replace with the little angel shelves. I like the arrangement better . My life has been a little hectic lately so may be just posting less often. Spring in Clayton will open up new shops and much needed road work. There  will be a lot of traffic on my street as they are building a hugh hotel at the end of my street.there will be lots of yard work and garage sales all summer, yipee.
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