Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Independence day

I was so lucky to find 6 of these plates .There are so many patriotic holidays.  Next Washinton's and Lincoln's birthday.Our summer was so brief its so hard to believe it's almost over.Out comes the sweaters, raking, canning,etc.whew
Just found these two red plates .I will be using them a lot.
my peace plates I got last year.  With all the strife going on in the world we need a lot of prayers for the people who are suffering and for world peace.

What a find. Perfect for this tablescape 
Remember this picture . All seniors will remember as many were lost keeping America a safe nation
Another oldie good for today,s war song
Cute Uncle Sam candle holder
Even a blue cup and teapot with a star
table setting for two.
Found the two plastic mats with cut out stars used red white and blue tableware
long view
Love this setting
cute candle
Used paper napkin on top for wiping lips.
How about bathtub stars for coaster
Long view
front view

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

teen talk

veggie salad with pepperoni and croutons
A little sweet if you desire
I have had these dishes a long time with the idea in my mind to do a teen tablescape except all my teen grand daughters are all grown up but still can act like teens haha
Complete place setting just right for teenagers.  They all wear jeans
Can you see they look like the butt of jeans.I made the napkins to go with the theme.
dinner plate , red tableware on a red and cream tablecloth
This is a tee store chocolate pot.  The other side is a jean shop
Isn't these the cutest chocolate pot.  The picture of an old fashioned soda bar.  the other side is a creamery store . I do remember when.
My treasure old time replica of a street pop corn machine See the vintage special coke bottles
Popcorn later anyone
Another view of table
Spicy hot pasta with cheese on top, if you dare , garlic bread and veggie salad
Teens always want chips and dip these are salt and pepper chips
Pizza and barbeque wings The  place mat are denim with beads across the bottom from pier1.
And last but not least moose tracks ice cream with strawberry and whip cream with a cherry on top wow
reproduction coke glass
newer glass
School is about to start so I thought it would be nice to have a  before school party.  What do teens talk about?  I promise I won't listen lol. The menu, being teen food. Pizza, pasta, salad, garlic bread and chicken wings.  Cola of course or Hot chocolate.  Ice cream sundae. Hey that,s all my favorite foods can I join them? That's a no no. I hear a lot of giggling.  I set up the table in the breakfast room.  The popcorn table is set up for later.

Monday, August 22, 2011

rooster roost

before I got my new tail feathers stutting my stuff
My transender chicken. Notice my fine tail feathers Proud to be a rooster
This looks too busy what do you think?
Just tweaking for fun to see what I could come up with.The little ones are salt and pepper I tied new napkins with burlap strip. Little basket for eggs.I love the the big plate and the white rooster looks kinda cocky.
Lucky to get soup tureen for 1.00 .White trivit in front There's that cocky rooster again.  The one on pedestal says sugar on the back
This one I like not so busy.  Tea towel wrapped in burlap string
Add caption
This is my hutch display
chicken creamer
All by his self like some people I know lol
He looks pretty sassy but loves company
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