Sunday, April 20, 2014

my breakfast Easter morning.

I needed to pamper myself this Easter morning so made a quick simple table just for me. I will later go to my family dinner. I quickly made the Easter eggs and bunny out of  of  scrap paper. Kitty is sleeping in his bed by me waiting for a treat.

Nothing fancy , just cereal with strawberries  and sweetener.My blue and white corelle dishes.A glass of orange juice and hot coffee .
Found my my funny bunny at the thrift store. He is proud to be chosen for my center piece.  He loves his sweet egg.African violet for me. I am going to propagate some leaves. It takes 6 weeks to root. It takes a long time to flower but It will be fun watching it grow.

My cute bunny as a name tag. 

Crispie cereal with strawberries and sugar.

My everyday dishes. The blue is perfect for my pastel table.The sun is shining but still chilly and drab out. Have a great day .You need to click on comment toe comment.


Miss Merry said...

Perfect for Easter. Your eggs are adorable. Have fun at your family dinner.

Anonymous said...

We all need to pamper ourselves sometimes and breakfast is the perfect time! Love the blue and white dishes.

Kitty is so peaceful in his bed, hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Anonymous said...

Cute bunny, love the eggs you made.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you make the napkin?

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