Monday, February 14, 2011

My blue and silver tablescape

Long view As this is still winter I thought it  was still appropriate
Blue salad plate goblet and balls on silver dish and candle holders Blue transfer plate dessert dish and cup and saucer white with gray and blue design
silver and blue balls in hurricane vase
my roger bros. silverware
pale blue tablecloth beautiful blue napkin with pearl napkin ring dark blue placemat
gold and silver chargers   .  The weather here has been cold and snowy.  My new roof leaked in breakfast room and ruined the wall paper. The roof had about 2 ft of snow on it and it backed up  when it warmed up and melted.  It took my son about 2 hrs to shovel it off  and is now clear but  now have about 4 ft piles of snow.                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is it spring yet?

my back deck at 15 inches.  It's been snowing all day.  More shoveling
little birdie
butterfly on napkin
butterfly on teapot
pretty bird in nest
dragon fly creamer
pretty flowers
pretty porcelain basket with spring flowers
cute egg cup What's for breakfast?  I think boiled eggs or scrambled. bacon and hot biscuits with honey yumm. Coffee tea or juice will you join me?

apple tree 2010
A few more days and feb. will soon be here.March will give way to April my favorite time of the year. I am going to rush the season and think spring.The tulips and crocuses will start to push their way through.  Oh what joy to see the first show of spring. I sit here now in my warm cozy den with over 15 inches of snow on my deck.So lets pretend it's warm and green and enjoy another tablescape together. My forsythia bush is over 10 feet tall and will be a show piece this year.  My dogs will love to chase each other in the yard and I will think of what I will put out on the deck.  Oh you dreamer The apple trees are going to bloom in their full glory. As I sit here its still snowing hard.  Did you know that each little flake are six sided and one of a kind . Its Gods another way of showing his greatness and show his love no matter who you are.  We are each one of a kind and unique.I am chuckling because I just shoveled all those unique one of a kind  little stars all 15 inches of them. I hope God wasn't looking.  We have had
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