Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little bit of dutch in me

side table for snacks and coffee
I didn't use a charger or place mats as I wanted the tablecloth be the star and what a star. I had the napkins with the pretty blue appliqued flower.True there is a little Dutch in me.My grandmothers name was Willamina. She died when my mother was a teenager.
Dollar store goblets and tiny cocktail windmill coasters.
My acrylic tableware that takes on the colors.
Better view of coasters
Love the way the blue comes through
Close up of flower vase on top of another vase to raise it up.
This shows the windmill that was just waiting to be part of a table scape.
These are some of the pictures on the tablecloth.
I don't think it is old as it is made of no iron material.
Long view.  I hope you have enjoyed my Dutch table scape.

Monday, August 20, 2012

color color on the deck

Place setting for two on my deck.The day was pleasant. I must take advantage of the nice weather in the 70's.  the nights are cool. Fall is just around the corner.  I love the fall because of all the pretty colors but it is so short.
Found votives to add to tablescape

I like my tea without sugar or cream. It was another thrift store find for 2.00.
 My table cloth is a throw with  a fringe. It looks blue in some of my pictures.  It has a raised design with hearts. The pictures are not in order . 

I used the colors in my hand made place mats and picked up the yellow colors to make them pop. Had the glasses with yellow flowers.
These plates were in the basement for years.
The salt shakers 1.00  and napkin holder garage sale new in box.
The day was beautiful so had lunch on the deck.  Summer is waneing and fall is nearing fast.  The salad plate was a lucky find as it had the color in the place mat.The material was given to me by a friend. The back is Christmas red. 
Front view of table on the deck.

So many colors. Made the place mats my inspiration piece.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A love story
The flowers pink roses for the love of his life
Toni and  the chef had a plan to surprise Sophia.The ring was ready
The menu, Their favorite
Sophia and Tony first met at Angelo's cafe when Sophia accidentally dropped her napkin.Tony who had been eyeing her since she walked into the cafe rushed over to her and handed her the napkin.Thank you kind sir and looked up at him with her deep brown eyes.
May I sit a while said Tony his heart beat pulsing. She smiled and said if you like. They talked and talked about everything like they had always known each other.
It was a mutual love at first sight.They became fast friends and then lovers for several months.
It was a lovely spring night and Tony said let's go to the cafe for dinner
Angelo's was their favorite haunt. They had many friends there. It was a fun place to  go to with romantic music playing and friends conversing.

Their friends hailed them when they walked into the cafe. Angelo greeted them at the door with a bottle of vino and escorted them to a beautiful table in the window.Angelo was chef bottle washer and greeter so this was not unusual. Angelo was loved by all.he greeted them all by name .
This must be a mistake she said as it was not the usual setting. Angelo said no this your table and he held out the chair for her.  Tony was grinning like a Cheshire cat.
Sophia was confused by it all but smiled and sat  besideTony.A side table was filled with goodies to munch on.The food was great and they had so much fun greeting their friends
Tony took her hand and lovingly look deep into her eyes and said will you marry me?  Sophia's heart beat rapidly and said yes.All their friends who was invited to see the engagement stood up and started singing amore  and dancing around them.True story or not you decide. It would be fun to hear how you met your hubby.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My inspiration start that a friend gave me.  I am going to try and make some from a lace curtain.

My place setting mix and match.  Seeing it is so hot and muggy I choose a cold lunch.  No cooking for me.

If you look close you will see the flower cut out on silky napkin.  The rose is a car holder but I know who I am, lol
A bit of rasberry passion tea in my Rose teapot and sugar and creamer.

Salad plate this is a mix of rose dishes

I only have 2 of these plates but love the scalloped edge and gold trim, I used my gold sprayed tableware .
While corn is in season I have enjoyed the sweet and tender ears cooked in micro wave with husks on..
Extra veggies and cheese with onion dip
Tossed salad with dried fruit no dressing
Healthy hardy dessert. Banana with graham cracker crumbs and squirt of chocolate

A little crystal delight in irredecent thumb print glass vintage.

I have 4 of these plates each with a different flower.  From my favorite thrift store.

I will have a cup of tea with my dessert.  I quess I will sign off I am getting hungry,lol
My town has been very active.  We have so many events going on.  This week will be the Antique show and craft fair .  Last weekend the museum festival and boat show and auction.  All the streets were parked cars. I don't drive down town.It was too windy for the boat parade . I don't know if they had it as there were storm warnings.Every morning I hear hammering ,sawing, big trucks.  There is so much building and remodeling going on. New sidewalks . I live on a busy street so lots of traffic.  Our summer is so fast they have to make the money in a short time. Thanks Susan for hosting .
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