Sunday, June 26, 2011

dainty in blue

cute blue bird I love it
love the butterflys my sweet sister gave me
my little cut work birdie .  Most everything are thrift store finds
Blue and white salt and pepper shakers
thrift store find 1 dollar
Love the pale blue my favorite color
Even baby bear has blue
Love the cut work on the dinner plate.  4 for 50 cents each whoo whoo
Thrift store find
Love this little pitcher.  Those are tiny shoes hanging down.
Tea any one.  I'll pour for you
Can you guess what the stand really is ? I will reveal in next post.

place card R for my son
So you like blue. I did this just for you. I shopped the house to see what I had in a dainty blue.  It was fun putting it together.  I even found a birdie or two. I just got a new rug for the dining area  with a border of blue. I love the cut work dinner plate .  Was thinking about putting blue ribbon through the holes but thought it would be too much.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dainty pink and white

The day is getting darker so lighting is poor.  Need to learn how to take better photos
full view of table Pink table cloth sets the theme.  pink pink pink
The dinner plate has a rippled edge with gold.The plates are marked Japan creation fine china.
The salad plate is another pattern Marked Bavaria Germany Treasure Chest.
small porcelain basket on plate holds the place card and a daisy. the silverware is stainless steel.Goblet is pattern glass.
The napkins are  two the top one is a lacy square
This is a battery candle dressed up with wall paper border and ribbon. the ball on top in pink and green fake flowers. It flickers and is so pretty lit up.

The dishes I just got at thrift store.they are so dainty each cup is a little different as there were no cups.
Front view Candles are battery with pink and green flowered ball sitting on a milkglass dish inverted.  They flicker and look great at night.  I couldn't get a good picture. Cut glass dish on back of table. Sugar bowl with roses.  No creamer.
Just a cutie birdie with pink rose
napkin ring porcelain a good match
The salt and pepper shakers on a picture frame with delicate roses

A little whimsy.  I love adding birds to my tablescapes.  It sits in a milk glass dish.

My favorite teapot setting on milk glass pedestal plate.  the trivet is the base of an old lamp painted
Love this teapot sitting on a milk glass  heart shaped dish with pink transfer roses
view of table Little basket in back is filled with rosebuds.This would make a nice table for a special  occasion like birthday or special friends.
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