Saturday, April 21, 2012

love of the river

oops crooked menu
salt and pepper shakers from family dollar.
I used the red salad plates to coordinate with the light house
I just got the place mats, napkins and napkin rings brand new in pk at garage sale which became my idea. The coasters I coiled rope on cardboard. Made place cards with rubber stamp .The cups came from Cape Cod.
Since I live so near the river I am partial to nautical tablescapes to give the feel of the great St Laurence River.  It draws people who have moved away back again and again.Many of the Island mansions are many generation families. My home goes back to the early 1800's .  the celler is supported by log beams.  It is called barn framed fitted with wooden pegs. It started out as one story with loft.  It now has 10 small rooms and 2 baths as the family grew.    I   started out with the white cut work dinner plate for contrast with white flat ware. The shells were also thrift shop find.I got a whole box marked pier one for 2.00.

My lacy dinner plate
part of shell collection
We see many sail boats.  We have benches along the river front so we can sit and watch the many boats big and small and enjoy the gentle breeze on a hot humid night.
Place mat that started it all
How about a beer bottle candle holder. I don't drink but found it out in front of my house where someone threw
Freighter going up river toward the 1000 Island bridge.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I scream for ice cream

It turned really cold for the last few days and thought it would be nice to do a table for a sleep over.  I got the ice cream set from the thrift store for 3.00. I couldn't resist them. I thought would be nice to have them make a bead bracelet for their mother for mother's day. It would keep them busy for a while.  they should  be old enough to thread the beads.
Each one would be different and could  include names as there are letters with the beads.
This one is perfect for mom.Love it.
A little snack while they are working. Fruit is always a good choice.

Animal crackers for little fingers. yum

peanutbutter ice cream with chocolate sauce whip cream and milk to drink .
the napkins are paper and the napkin ring is the bottom cut off the napkin and taped .
The beads are different color and sizes with letters on some.  I used elastic thread that just fit the holes.  The letters in the bag can be used for a word game.
Aren't these the cutest.  The straw is also a spoon .
They came with a little spoon.  The place mats are fringed burlap.
Each set is a different color.  the letters match just by chance.
I like the blue if I could join them.haha

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

yellow brunch

This was the inspiration for my yellow table scape.I almost didn't plan to post this week as we have many personal things to do.
The flower were given to me for Easter.The tablecloth is a pale yellow and brown napkins.
This a large teapot love it.
Always a bird on my table a touch of spring.  we had such warm weather the flowers were budding early.  Unfortunately the weather turned cold.  It was 28 one night last week.
Lucky I found some glasses with yellow flowers at the thrift store.
tiered a plate for some goodies.
I also got the dishes at a bargain.  Used the brown for napkins and birds.
I think some little wafer cookies will go good with our tea.
The dinner plate has a speckled center
Salad dish more yellow and brown

A little hot soup.  It is chilly and raining out.

Begonia from my daughter for easter.
I set it in this laced bowl. I hope you like this.  the menu will be chicken Parmesan

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wee bit of spring

Love how the little bird matches the flowers. I last minute decided to do a brunch with my daughter.  she is a great cook and loves to do small crafts and gardening. Even though this week is Easter weekend I wanted to do something different.  It has been cold but sunny here and expect some rain. My forsythia is in bloom and spring bulbs are popping up dispite the 28 degrees last night.  Up north we can expect snow right uptil May. So far we have had very little.  All the shops are getting ready for the season.  Ocean liners are churning up the river. We are getting several new shops opening soon.  We are also waiting for the new hotel and casino to open in the future on the water front.  We have built a walk way along the river with seats and are building a gazebo for the bands that entertain us. each week. It is a very exciting year. We are a very cultural town. We are listed as 3 best small town in america. I hope to get pictures in the future to show you.

I used my pretty floral dishes that cordinate with the burgundy tablecloth and napkins. The green tableware brings out the green leaves on the dishes. One of the new shops is a cafe and bar with seating on the back deck.  So nice to watch the boats on the river.
I used a cute teapot for my floral centerpiece.  Those little marbles put a sparkle on the table. My birdies look like they like the attention.
My grand daughter gave me the cupcake boxes and I blinged them up with ribbon and bird and initial for place setting.  I will make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
I never saw a pink butterfly but they sure look cute on napkin.I also used paper napkin for contrast.
Close up of pattern on dishes and cupcake box.
Add caption
Long view of table.  The menu undecided but I always keep it healthy simple but tasty.
My idea for my colors .This hand blown candle holder . I wish you all a Happy Easter and don't forget to say prayers for the people whom lost everything in the tornados in the south.
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