Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wearing of the green

child's table setting .  see the little hats made from doles fruit cups.This is a long post but please keep reading.
adults napkin .Just to be different I raveled the green one added the chenille clover and stamp.

How about a wee bit of brew.  These are tiny mugs just about a jigger full
Using what I have .  I made the tablecloth and napkins.  I like using triangular napkins for place mats.  See the chenille four clover tucked in the napkin.  I did a white plate between dishes so not so much green.
This is  actually the dessert table with the chocolate mint cookies

Two bite cupcakes.  I cheated and bought store bought but they are so cute Mint and chocolate bits ice cream yum with strawberries
love having fresh fruit for nibbling on.See book to read to the little ones got it at the real deal dollar store.
I also got the little leprechaun and hat candles at the same store

Wasn't sure about the plaid on plaid but you have to use what you got.the child's napkin and the little green hats made from doles fruit  cups.  I didn't have any green paint so glittered them with food colored epson salts.

Monday, February 27, 2012


my birthday gift from my grand daughter sarah who lives inNew York city.  I also had a birthday party at my son and daughter ron an lynnette.  raine and husband took me out for dinner. I got many well wishes from friends and family on face book

cake made my daughter Raine
setting for you to join me for tea and cake.
my upside down candle holder with bird and battery candle nestled in side. added crystals
my pretty dishes .  I have only a partial set
candle warmer from my grand daughter caresse who lives in NC
my birthday bear
do you like passion tea? cute tea holders
mismatched cup and saucer
pattern on dishes

another year gone by for me going into a new decade.  I am now 81 and going strong. There were bad times and good times. more good then bad.  met many new bloggers with 23.000 viewers. I hope next year will be even better.  Happy birthday to all.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We love snow

Found this cute book to read to them.  My dogs don't like the snow.
cute snowmen platesand snow men candy
Used calender for place mat.
candle holder with battery candle
they can read this darling book
Matching cups for cocoa
Calender place mat

little treat for after lunch
Little love the snow.  A last minute post to end the snow tables to start the St Patrick tablescape. The snow is epson salts.  Just finished this in a hurry. Hope you like it

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One magical night

Next morning snowed in the night blue hour magic.  I must have had some clout with Mother Nature.
I want snow I want to skate.
It had to be magical.  When I came home something magical had happened. You would never guess who was sitting at my beautiful table but Mr Snowman himself and Mrs. Beary.The table was set in blue and white. I asked him why he was here and he answered because you believe in fairies and little people and we need your help.  I asked him how could I help.We know you are open minded and we thought you could ask mother nature to bring us some snow.  We need snow for our survival. I said I would try but Mother Nature has reasons that we cannot understand.All the little snowmen agreed and said please please.  What's a lady to do?
Mrs Beary was quiet but quietly said it is time for me to hibernate and I need snow to protect my little ones.
They had set the table beautifully.
Really cute plates.
Each had their own little candle
Look look sitting on my candle . Good thing it is not lit.
Please I need real snow to ski on not the pretend kind.
I was so enchanted looking at my table I hardly heard My little skier say I want to ski
The lovers were sad because they wanted to get married in the snow before they melted.  They cried please please help us.
I don't know how but they found my new blue and red plates I just got at the thrift shop I guess because its all magical. I said I would see what I could do but mother nature  has reasons we would not understand. they all were so happy and we all sat down for a magical  dinner. Believe it or not by Vern    Up north we are having a mild winter.  We have very little snow.  what we got soon melted. The ski resorts are hurting and all businesses who depend on snow.  In all my 80 years I do not remember not being bitter cold or very little snow .Today it is 40 0ut and raining.  for myself I don't like the cost of fuel the cold or the shoveling .lol .  True after days with no snow I woke up to a beautiful light snow on the trees. magical

Thursday, February 16, 2012

pastel pretties

Always like a birdie.  The little glass house real deal 1.00.
Strawberries lemon wafers and chocolate dip.yummy
Added sweets to cute favor box found template on pinterest
Little basket of pastel flowers for side table for desserts
Love my bears.  He has a little gift.  Pearls no less.
Milk pitchers for coffee or milk
The dishes I have the whole set with a floral design in pink and green
Close up of basket.  I added the checked border and stamped the love.
The glass is iridescent but doesn't show well.  The shredded grass is pink iridescent
Add caption
Looking down
Pattern on my dishes.
I am late, had an early doctor app but better late then never. Not  Valentine table but stuck  in a hint or two.The favor boxes and place cards I copied from pinterest.  I think from violette on craft projects.  Had a great day found 4 pairs of craft scissors and some paint stampers at the Real deal 1.00 each.  I also got 6 cardinal cups for 1.00. What a find.   I am also thinking ahead for St Pat's day and Easter . I wish  could show them all but too many. It's another dreary day but that brought a smile on my face.we still have no snow .  We will probably pay for it later.boohoo.  Sorry about the different lettering.I didn't change it.
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