Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have I told you lately that I love you and kids corner

front view of kids corner
gingerbread doll to play with
white napkin with heart holder
egg cups hold chips for games
Heart on straw
White on red.  napkin holders pipe cleaner hearts. Candy containers and white napkins
Another game to play
Tic tac toe game when waiting
Place mats are napkins folded with cut work.  Lamp shades I copied from pinterest Lacy candle from my grandaughter'
Front view Clear glass plates with valentine under. Cut work  dinner plate. Valentine and pillow box made by me using bits and pieces on foam heart.
Napkin holder another blogger creation
Made place cards from scrapes and foam hearts
Waiting for goodies as this is a dessert table.
I wish they were real and from the love of my life
Have I told you I love my bears
Roses for our lady
so sweet got off of pinterest Thanks Jerry
Sweet love notes inside. Now I better get baking up some goodies.  Quess who gets to eat them lol

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My new dishes

My neighbor just gave me these Bavarian dishes just enough to have for two.  the weather has been ,cold, rainy ,slippery, and dreary. I thought this was a nice time to pamper myself and use my favorite dishes,
A bit of whimsy.  Love my bunny teapot. A cup of hot tea with a little lemon to warm my tummy.
 gold rim and pinkish border to set off my pretty dishes.
Aren't the dishes beautiful?   looked them up and they would be  very expensive to replace.Very dainty and expensive to replace.what's for lunch I am partial to quiche and tossed salad for my veggies quick and easy.

Two dessert dishes.  I think peanut butter ice cream with bannana slices and lite whipped cream yumyum

Pretty floral napkin and varigated place mat on deep pink tablecloth makes me feel special.
There is room for two.That would be nice to have someone to share
My curtains that I used to make chandy covers. Cut off a ruffle and seamed the back.  I use these to keep shades clean.
Love them
snow flakes

St Patricks day
Halloween.  The changes are endless. fun to do.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wee bit of country

We are in the middle of a ice storm with snow coming on top of it.  I hope we don't lose power. Our last storm took out power for 13 days and lost a lot of trees on both sides of the St Lawrence river.
Added  pig stencil on burlap place mat and rooster in bowl
Pig salt and pepper so cute
toast with strawberry jam

Front view of table.I do not live in the country  but have friends that do.
Found glasses at thrift shop 8 for 2.00
Individual creamers for cereal or glass of milk
Another cute creamer

Love the cow cup and sugar shaker the plaque says country.
Rooster tea towel and burlap place mats red silver ware and check table cloth say country to me
Used white dishes for contrast look like dishes folks would use.

Found cute piggy salt and pepper
Just quick and fun table.  Wanted to do  something different.  It is snowing lightly out but very cold.  Nice to snuggle in and enjoy a nice warm breakfast.  I think cinnamon and apple oatmeal , Hot cocoa  and maybe toast with strawberry jam. yum.It would be fun if you could join me and we could chat .
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