Monday, May 23, 2011

company tablescape

Silverware for serving.
My serving tableware. They look tarnished but they didn't photo very good.  I spent a lot of time polishing them as I haven"t used them in a long time.
This tablescape is for my company.  I have never used these dishes and I have had them for several years.  The roses are a pretty rosy color.  the place mats flowers match the dishes.  My silverware is marked just American. I sprinkled some pink roses  and the center is scrunched up ecru sheer material. My flowers are just started to bloom but nothing to make a bouquet with.  The water in the yard is drying up although it did rain a little enough so I could plant some annuls.  My van finally gave out and had that to deal with. 

Lucky me to find these cute tea bag dishes.  The napkin rings also have tine pink flowers.  Most of my dishes are garage sale or thrift store finds. My table cloth is ecru lace although it looks white.  This over the top of a white table cloth.

Great find the wash bowl and pitcher set with roses and the candle holders.  Everything just seemed to come together.

closer look of the cup and saucer and name card.  The L is for my daughter in law Lynnette.

I like tea for dinners and the passion sounds so romantic.

This teapot is quite big the little flowers are tulips.

Aren't these rose buds pretty.  You would never know they are made of soap.  Not tasty but smells so good.

These little sugar and creamer are so sweet and match the tea bag dishes.
My napkins are the ones I use quite often .They are battenberg and the napkin holders are so pretty.
All the dishes match and I didn't use charger as this is not formal.  Just family.
another view of tea cup and rose buds.
I loved putting this table together as everything went easy for a change.      Spring is finally here.  We have had a lot of rain but the temps are getting up there.  The dogs love it  as I leave the back door open so they can come and go.  They get so tired digging and hiding their bones they have to nap a lot.So funny to watch.  We saw our bunny so I guess it survived the winter.  She was nice and fat so probably will have some babies. The birds are nesting but I haven't heard any cheeps yet.  We lost one nest of three.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God bless America

cute little patriotic wagon

Love the stripes on place mats The flower is a battery candle and napkin ring is satin bow with stars
Blue clear plate over stars and stripes

Recently found these blue plates.  So many ways to use them

found plates at thrift store.  How lucky can I get?

This is a candle decorated with blue flowers .I don't do real flowers
I found this little box at a thrift store and thought  it so charming
Uncle Sam reproduction of painting of flag by M Ringer local artist
I am lucky to live in our beautiful country may god bless us for all the good we have done for the world.  In honor of our hero's who are protecting our country from our enemies I put together my version of a memorial for all who have fallen now and in the past.  We will overcome.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I perfectly mixed and matched the paint and added new border.
water stains from ice build up
yellow glass for juice
dragon fly pitcher
candle holders
Love my little rooster He looks like he is ready to crow.  I guess he found out the sun flower wasn't real lol
yellow glass for juice.
I will have raspberry passion tea in my cute teapot
toast and honey sounds good.
I have 6 of these fruit dishes all with different color borders.  Got at sale for 5.00.
butterfly on napkin
love this porcelain basket so spring like

cute little fruit spoon and acrylic tableware.  I will have a dish of fresh strawberries with a dollop of light whipped cream yumm

table setting I think I will have chicken vegetable soup for starter
long view of table
Another rainy and dreary day up north.  Temperature in the 40's.  I am going to have brunch in breakfast room.  The yellows are cheerful and my wall has been repainted and bordered after it was ruined with ice buildup and leaked down my wall.  I was able to perfectly mix and match the paint.  I don't use the room often usually most of meals in recliner.  Not a good idea. Something hot sounds good on this chilly day.  Even the dogs didn't want to stay out.I want to thank Susan for hosting  and say hi to all my blogger friends.  Most all my tablescape are thrift shop finds.  I have very good luck finding treasures cheap.
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