Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ahoy mate

In my childhood. We used our imagination to be anything we want.Little boys loved to sail their boats . Some were homemade of paper or wood or store bought. After a rain they would  find a puddle to sail them.The paper ones they could pretend. My little sailor wants to be a captain of his ship.

He is getting ready to sail the 7 seas.His crew is ready . The ship is loaded. He has invited the crew for their last dinner on land until they return home.

I used  tea towels for napkins and light house napkin rings. Big men needed big napkins.

We are not all Irish but Mulligan stew seems like a good choice.

A glass of root beer would be the drink for the day as they have a long trip ahead.

Blue tablecloth the color of the sea.Red plates for color.

A cup of cocoa  heavy with cream for the crew.

When he grows up he wants to be captain of his own ship.

Getting ready to set sail.

The gulls flying waiting to see them off.
It's a long journey Their belly's full.Off to the 7 seas.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The shimmering tree

When I was a child there was no air conditioning or insulation. we did not own a fan.When it was hot and humid my parents  slept down stairs .we were allowed to sleep on the floor in front of the screen door.There is always a breeze as we lived on a dead street not far from the river. I came from a large family so we crowded in front of the door. When we finally got positioned and we quieted down we could hear the sounds of night and watch the fireflies light up and try to count the stars. There was no traffic as most didn't have cars.We could hear the ships chugging up the river. They were coal fueled and they would come in to coal up and go through customs as many were from other countries.
Far away we could hear the trains from Canada. We could hear a dog bark and maybe a loon.  The gentle breeze would finally lull us to sleep.
I had a dream that night that inspired me to do this tablescape. I dreamed I was sitting under a beautiful tree in front of a bed of roses. I was very depressed and and was crying silently. I looked up at this beautiful tree and slowly a bright golden light decended down the tree and turned it into a golden shimmering tree. I was mismerized and thought how can this be. I warm feeling came over me and knew that everything was going to be alright. When I awoke I felt renewed.

This tablescape came about from this dream. I was at my favorite thrift store when I saw this shimmering tree all crushed up and looking sad. For 10 cents I thought I could use it for a fall table The next week I found some material with the same leaves.Was this a coincidence ? I had been worrying and feeling depressed so I knew someone was telling me everything will be alright.

The coloring in the table cloth I hemmed had odd shades and I literally searched my stash to find dishes to match, 

I used the brown napkins to show the dishes better. Light tan napkins under a clear brown plate.
amber goblets.The silverware is a lt. tan. I was surpised that I had  enough to do a tablescape

My bird which I love to use frequently were just the right colors. It sits in a candle holder. on a brown dish and filled with dry fillers.

Found the autumn leaf dish and had forgot I had the brown plates.
The bowl with the leaves is set on a pedestal.

I added the candle holders with the gold and green.
My sweet doll sitting under the shimmering tree to remind me to remember that life can be great if you only believe.http://betweennapsontheporch.net/
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