Saturday, July 30, 2011

mantle home made

all the wood came from my stash in 175 year old celler. the table legs became my pillars and the shelf one I bought at thrift store and painted it white.

It's a start the hard part was the measuring and cutting with old jig saw. the shelf had pegs and holes where it screwed to the wall so I covered the screws with small  wood pieces,filagree from an old sewing machine drawer.

looking better but lacks a finishing look. the hearth is a piece of marble from an old dresser.

still pondering on how to finish it.

with a lot of blood sweat and tears this is the finished product.  I love being able to decorate for holidays etc.See the little posts holding up the shelf.  I cut them from a chair spindle.  now wasn't that clever?  I am not into shabby chic although I love to see it on your posts.  I quess I was brought up  with shabby when it wasn't chic.  I like white ,white. My pictures don't show wall as cream color. thinking about a little darker color to show more contrast. I like neutral colors.Maybe color of my background post. Sorry about flashback but have bay window so too much light. Open to suggestions.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I saw three ships a sailing

one of our many lighthouses
place setting light house place mats acrylic tableware
would you like tea or coffee ? lunch will be sea food ,salad , crescent rolls , fruited jello and cookies

blown glass sugar and creamer
Kinda like the may flower
more modern boat.
love these light house plates
started with my blue plate light house place setting and acrylic tableware
people who saw an earlier blog wondered what i was going to do with my dried grape stems.  They made a different foliage.
I guess he can't read haha my writing
side table with little fisherman with his catch of the day.  He seems surprised to catch such a colorful fish heehee salt shaker
Since I live near the great St. Lawrence river nautical always comes to mind.  I live 10 miles from the bridge to Canada and it is a sight to see.  The river is ever changing and we have the most beautiful sunrises and sets.  Ships from all over the world pass through. Many of the rich own islands with beautiful mansions.  It is called millionaire row.  Tour boats take you to Bolt castle all renovated.  Dark Island has a castle which is now open for tours. My town is very cultural with big names coming to our community to our play house.We hold large fairs. craft, art,etc every week end .  We have the largest boat museum in the east and fabric and art museum. I love my town and have lived here all my life.  Why would I want to be anywhere else?

long view of table
Notice the fishing sign
found shade at thrift store
neat boat
we also have excellent fishing with guides to take you to the best fishing holes and serve a shore dinner.  Bass, Pike, muskie. At night you can hear the loons and ocean liners churning down the river.  You can sit in our parks at night and see the heavens sparkle.   We have several light houses on our river so the star is my center piece.  The ships  of course are ancient but our history of the battle between the British and the U.S was on our river..Not far from here is another village where there is a battleground which they reenact the battle each year. It is now a state park. I found in my yard a Indian grinding stone as this was once an indian settlement.Our area is full of history which I will tell in future posts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
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