Monday, August 12, 2013

summer chat

Today I will be finishing putting things back in order. We will be putting my china closet desk in my living room. The floor is done and furniture moved back. Yesterday dusted all the walls and windows. H elped Ron put the futon together. Put up my curtains and wall decor. I even took time to put a quick tablescape in the breakfast room. I set for three. It would be nice to entertain you with a simple healthy lunch and we could chat . Summer is slipping away and soon will be fall. Yellow is such a happy color. I hope you like my lunch. My plates, lucky me, got six at a garage sale each with a different color rim and fruit.

I made the tablecloth to make it homey. The blue  plate and yellow placemats are my favorite colors. Acrylic tableware show the yellow and the napkins add a cottage feel.

Mismatched dishes but all have fruit on. Little cute ducks for salt and pepper shakers.
The juice glasses have blue checks and sun flowers. In our town we have a competition on who grows the tallest sunflower. Rules are they must be in front of the house and there is a 100.00 dolllar prize.

Stained glass butterfly.Day is fading so it is not showing off as well.

Up close so you can see the fruit on napkin holder and creamer.
Sunshine yellow silk flowers make me smile.

Mismatched cups. Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Napkin holder
Pretty blue butterflys just for fun.

Are you ready for lunch?

Wax candle flowers

It's a little chilly today so how about a thick hardy chicken veggie soup and wheat crackers?

Vanilla yogurt with pineapple and a drizzle of chocolate

Wheat cream cheese star sandwiches. Don't tell but there is cupcakes in the oven. Hope you enjoy.


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

The plates are lovely - great find.
Your table looks so great and the soup sounds yummy. I'll be right over.
have a terrific week.

sweet violets said...

This whole table makes me smile!!! Love your mix and match and your new plates!!! So glad you're getting your house back together....the floor looks great!!


I love the baby-blue all around your table and the dishes are gorgeous, what a great find! I, like you love mixing and matching, as it's boring otherwise!
Big hugs,

Cathy said...

I have crowned you Queen of garage sale finds. You always find so many neat things. Love the plates.

Cathy's Cupboard Calamity <;)

Tea in Texas said...

You have a fabulous find with the lovely fruit plates. I like the blue and white tablecloth with the yellow place mats. Have a wonderful week!



I'm from NY-Queens originally and used to go to the beaches in summer. I now live in the Andean región, with mountain views, but when we do go to the beach, which is very far away, where my daughter lives, is where I buy shells and even beautiful shell jewelry! Thanks for visiting. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I love this table! Those plates are wonderful, and all the colors look great together.

Candy S said...

Your table setting is so cheerful. I love the blues and yellows together. I just joined your site and have been strolling through some of your older posts. You do have a knack of finding lovely items for your home.

Diane said...

Oh, what a find were those plates - they are wonderful. Love all of your blue and yellow and I definitely would like coffee in one of those cups! That sunflower contest seems like so much fun - I would love to be a judge and be able to see all of those fabulous flowers growing!

Anonymous said...

Love the candle flowers!


Anonymous said...

Really pretty! Those plates are so nice...great table....

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