Monday, August 26, 2013

Red and Green

Having fun just doing a mismatched colorful table.  Summer is fast coming to an end. Almanac said we are going to have a bitter cold winter so I am not anxious for the fast approaching fall as that is the prelude for winter brr. Red and green not only for Christmas. I wanted not a perfect tablescape but informal happy colorful one. My computer places pictures where it wants but I haven't figured out how to put them in order. It also loads very slow. We are still working on the house replacing old floors.Very depressing and a lot of hard work. I needed to do a happy table.

I was lucky this week garage saleing. Is that a word ?lol The place mats are reversible, the pattern of the napkins . There is only 2 place mats and  and 6 napkins. I wrapped the napkins with thick green and red yarn.

I used cherry red under plates , white soup dishes and yes that is ice cream ,butter almond.My acrylic tableware I use a lot as they take on the colors underneath.

Have to have cookies with ice cream. Tea for two on an elevated pedestal.Are you happy yet?
There is green in the pattern to match plate.

Ready for soup. How about pea soup to go with color scheme.Made an oops . Dish is crooked.

I got these 3 plates marked England for 50 cents each. I wanted to show them off.

More red and green. The plate under teapot is the other English plate. I think the strawberry will be for sugar.

The completed table setting.
The second place setting ,the plate has fruit  on it and the glass sits in a wicker holder.The red Glass is a candle holder. I will use battery candle. I used red chenille to wrap for color.

I didn't use table cloth, just my nice table top shows it off.

I used candle holders for flowers and if you know me I always like a bird on my table.

Up close look at candle holder with glass gems. I hope you are hungry by now. I will add some finger food for a lite lunch. I better eat the ice cream before it melts. There's a reason for my madness. yum my favorite          .


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Very lovely table scape - looks great. The dishes are very pretty.
Sometimes we just need a little perk up with bright colors. Of course red is my very favorite.
Have a Happy Happy day.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Yes, it is true that we often think "Christmas" with red and green but they are complementary colors on the color wheel and so are supposed to be a great combination, and you can see from your table that they work together even for a bright, cheerful summer's end table! I hope it cheered you up--your house will be completed soon. I'll have some of the ice cream, please. Linda

SavannahGranny said...

I just love your table. It certainly made me happy. Love the teapot and the pretty plates with the violets.
Great table. xoGinger


Beautiful tablescape with gorgeous china, I love it! Red is a terrific color to perk up anything from cloths to of course, a gorgeous setting as this one! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit.
Big hugs,

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