Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simple Brown and Peach.

It is dreary and raining out so I thought I would do a lunch for two with my new brown dishes. I had the felt lacy mats and brown napkins my inspiration. Amber cordial stemware and pressed glass goblet
I needed a center piece . I used the felt mat for contrast and tiered the dishes for goodies.  The flowers gave more interest.Notice the peachy rose buds scattered.

The brown and peach colors made a pretty setting. Even the mug rugs has the brown. Plain modern look tableware. What's for lunch?  Undecided.... lol
Even kitty wanted to help. I think he wanted a rose bud to play with.

Like to put a birdie on my table . I think I will put him on  the tiered dishes. When the robins come Spring will soon be here.

Gold decor candle holder.
I like it.

Full view. Peach table cloth.

My birthday ice cream cake made my daughter

Cordial stemware. I am now legally 82. Happy birthday to me

I'm participating in Tablescape Thursday at


Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday to you. I'm home today on a snow day. I need to go out and shovel some snow, but will wait a bit longer for the sun to warm the air more.♥♫

Mona said...

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday! Look at you being all creative with your centerpiece. Very nice. I like it with the bird in the center as well. I think peach and brown are a very warm, and homey color combination. How sweet of kitty to assist. So cute!

Susan Herin said...

Happy Birthday, Vernice! Wow, 82 is a major even to celebrate! Congrats! Love you beautiful table setting...the peach and brown is sooo pretty together. Great placemats, too! Love that cute robin...can't wait to see more of those in the yard! Your kitty is precious. I loved that picture of him going for the cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful. I not only love your tablescapes, I enjoy your tongue in cheek comments! I've never heard anyone say they were "legally 82", what a fabulous way to look at it! (Is there something we need to know about the contents of the dessert?)

Peach and brown make a beautiful combination--I would not have thought to use the two together. Another A+!!

we three dogs and me said...

To anonymous. It has a oreo crust half gallon of chocolate icecream and jar of chocolate sauce drizzled on top. nuts on top because when I was young I always ordered mexican sundae. Freeze til hard. yummy but high in calories. It's my birthday so o.k.

Alycia Nichols said...

"Legally 82"...I love it! You're a foxy, fine, fabulous 82 with a bullet! This is a wonderful table, Vernice, and I LOVE the colors! Peach is one of my favorites, and paired with brown it really looks fantastic! Those are really cool-looking placemats, too. I like the kind of lacy look they have. I get such a kick out of your kitty! Kitty always wants to get in on the action! I really hope you enjoyed your birthday. You know I love you with all my heart!!!!!!!! Have a beautiful week, my friend!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Happy belated Birthday wishes Vernice!
I saw Alycia's posting and had to come visit.
I like your centerpiece that you created and the bird looks very cute on top! I like those felt placemats and your brown dishes with peach accents. Your kitty looks to be having lots of fun! That ice cream cake looks sooo good! I hope it was a great birthday.

Linda Primmer said...

Hi Vernice. I hope you are having a nice birthday. Alycia really set a beautiful table just for you. Your centerpiece is lovely. It's great you found a creative way to make a centerpiece. The kitty is so cute. Happy birthday to you. Who doesn't like ice cream cake. Whoo hoo!

Miss Kitty said...

Happy Birthday, Vernice!!! Your table is lovely and I also saw the birthday table over at "The Party She Deserves" post at Alycia's blog...oops...I am getting old...I can't remember the name but it is numbers. Hope you have a great day!!!

Denise said...

Hi Vernice! Happy Belated Birthday! Your table looks awesome and thanks to Alycia I was introduced to your lovely blog. I am one of your newest followers. I love your table's color scheme - the peach and browns are warm and inviting and the centerpiece and accents welcome you right to the table. Wish I was there!

Denise @

Sacramento Amate said...

How fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
I am so glad you popped in. Please come again soon and we will share tea.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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