Wednesday, April 11, 2012

yellow brunch

This was the inspiration for my yellow table scape.I almost didn't plan to post this week as we have many personal things to do.
The flower were given to me for Easter.The tablecloth is a pale yellow and brown napkins.
This a large teapot love it.
Always a bird on my table a touch of spring.  we had such warm weather the flowers were budding early.  Unfortunately the weather turned cold.  It was 28 one night last week.
Lucky I found some glasses with yellow flowers at the thrift store.
tiered a plate for some goodies.
I also got the dishes at a bargain.  Used the brown for napkins and birds.
I think some little wafer cookies will go good with our tea.
The dinner plate has a speckled center
Salad dish more yellow and brown

A little hot soup.  It is chilly and raining out.

Begonia from my daughter for easter.
I set it in this laced bowl. I hope you like this.  the menu will be chicken Parmesan


Aledia said...

Good Morning!
I hope your day is going well.

I love all your tones of yellow, it is such a bright and cheery color-especially on a rainy day.

I love your glasses with the flowers on them, very pretty! Those little soup bowls are just adorable.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alycia Nichols said...

When I looked at the yellow in that forsythia bush, I knew I was in a for a bright, cheerful table!!! It's so cool that you were able to take nature (the yellow in the forsythia, the brown in the ground around it, the touches of green from the grass, the bit of blue from the sky) and find such wonderful inspiration! A lot of people would not have been able to see that at all, but you pegged it!!! Your teapot on that cool green tray says it all! I love the lid to the teapot!!! It's perfect that the begonia from your daughter fell right into step with the colors! I hope you had a happy Easter. Ours was quiet, just the 2 of us. We needed the rest! Take care, and I'm glad to see you thinking up bright, sunshiny tables!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your page says home to my heart the minute I clicked on it. I couldn't resist your blog title when I visited My Pink Pretties. Love the doggy bios. Too cute.
As for your post, I am loving every bit of your sunshiny yellow, it's my daughter's favorite color, and chicken Parmesan is always tempting.
Looking forward to visiting.
Much love!

Aledia said...

Hello again!
I just wanted to stop in and let you know that I have given your lovely blog the "Liebster Blog Award"!!

You can go to the following link on my blog to check out all the info:

Have a beautiful day!

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