Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I scream for ice cream

It turned really cold for the last few days and thought it would be nice to do a table for a sleep over.  I got the ice cream set from the thrift store for 3.00. I couldn't resist them. I thought would be nice to have them make a bead bracelet for their mother for mother's day. It would keep them busy for a while.  they should  be old enough to thread the beads.
Each one would be different and could  include names as there are letters with the beads.
This one is perfect for mom.Love it.
A little snack while they are working. Fruit is always a good choice.

Animal crackers for little fingers. yum

peanutbutter ice cream with chocolate sauce whip cream and milk to drink .
the napkins are paper and the napkin ring is the bottom cut off the napkin and taped .
The beads are different color and sizes with letters on some.  I used elastic thread that just fit the holes.  The letters in the bag can be used for a word game.
Aren't these the cutest.  The straw is also a spoon .
They came with a little spoon.  The place mats are fringed burlap.
Each set is a different color.  the letters match just by chance.
I like the blue if I could join them.haha


Aledia said...

Oh what a fun table!! Bright cheery colors and a craft, what could be better! I'm sure they had a wonderful time....I love that you cut the end of the napkin off to make a napkin ring, so creative!! I will have to remember that!

I left an award for you and your lovely blog here:

Hope you have a beautiful day!!

Alycia Nichols said...

I love so many things about this table, Vernice! First, I will tell you that you have a lot of my favorite sweet treats on here! I could eat animal crackers all day long!!! (Ramon DOES eat them all day long!) I keep that Nestle Quik Strawberry syrup in the cabinet for my weekly (sometimes more!) glass of strawberry milk. That is so tasty! I'm not a big chocolate lover, so the strawberry milk is right up my alley! The ice cream set is so cute! Somebody gave that up to a thrift shop??? What were they thinking?!??!?!!! The little spoon/straws are really cute and so convenient. You are killin' me with your creativity...who else but you would have thought to cut the bottom off the napkin and place it AROUND the napkin??!?!?! What a great idea! You always have such interesting games and activities for the grandchildren to keep them busy. That is SO much better than just plopping them down in front of the television for hours on end. Sure, they might want to watch TV, but they need to exercise their little brains. You make the activities both fun AND interesting. Plus, as in this instance, there is an end result that will be appreciated by their Mom for Mother's Day! Oh, I almost forgot...congratulations on the Liebster Award from Alida's Plum Perfect blog! Have a great day!

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