Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its a blue day

peach and blue dishes at thrift shop love the colors togeather. For soup on a chilly day would be chicken vegetable with a sprinkle of cheese or crackers.
the top dish is oriental but the beautiful blue makes it stand out for a dessert dish.  I always like fresh or frozen fruit with a little  lite whip cream.
Long view of table. I am having camera problems so excuse any blurring.The table cloth is a pale peach  but lights have lightened it .It shows the the blues nicely.
Peach and blue place setting
It's been some blue days up north Mother nature has been quirky. We have very little snow which is unusual for Feb. The place card is a napkin holder like a frame with initials.
I used my mismatched cups and saucers but blend in well
Its been some dreary blue days up north.  One day raining a little snow then melting no sun. I thought Everyone loves blue so thought it might cheer me up but my camera wasn't focusing well and I was getting My goblets are sitting on blue coasters with silky damask napkins so no need for holders.
I made a little stand with my cobalt blue dishes and holder for cheese and crackers.
I love this vase of blue and white flowers.  the ribbon makes it pretty.
Another dessert plate on pedestal.  Make use of what I have.  Maybe for cute cupcakes.
Blue napkin for place mat and clear handle tableware shows the blue
I love stir fries with beef and onions and peppers simple but oh so good.  A tossed salad and rolls would complete a healthy meal.
I like a table where guests would feel comfortable.


sweet violets said...

Blue is still my favorite, and you've used it beautifully!!! Love the mismatched cups, just perfect!! Yes, it has been a quirky winter so far, but I fear we will pay for it this month!! hugs...cleo

Richard Cottrell said...

You have such fun things to make your table scapes with. I love blue china and crystal. Happy Candlemas Day. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Alycia Nichols said...

What is it with all of our cameras this week? You're not the only one having problems. I think the Camera Devil is out there messing with a bunch of us! :-) Blue & white is one of my favorite color combinations, and I love to see it so prominently displayed as you have it here! I've never thought to mix & match the cups and saucers! That looks great! I like how you used the blue coasters, too. Very cool idea! Our weather here has been off the chain, too. I'm SO afraid of what February is going to bring in retaliation for the mild January. We're expecting buckets of rain tomorrow...the only day that I absolutely HAVE to leave the house! :-( Rats! Have a good weekend, Vernice!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh your blues look so cheerful for a cold Winter's day. It looks so pretty mixed with the peach too.

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