Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn tablescape 1

I do like fall. I remember we would drive up into the country and see the trees. It looked like God painted each leaf in brilliant colors and hues. We would breath the fresh air and be invigorated by the beauty of it all. We would and get cider in Burrville NY. The bad part is nights are getting colder . Up North has been predicted as a very cold winter.

we would stop and get our pumpkin from a farmer.we knew.
center piece is tall cage from the thrift store

It sets on a glass base filled with leaves and gourds. The farmers had a bad year we had so much rain and not much sun.

some rustic pumpkins

closer view. See leaves for coasters.

great dish for pumpkin pie.

goody box

tea battery lights

another pumpkin

these are very tall. I put  in tea lights
in in
my cute corn stalk doll.

I like how fork takes on orange napkin.


hope you have a great day.


Alycia Nichols said...

It's wonderful that you have so many good memories of autumn and Halloween time from your childhood. There's absolutely nothing like taking a leisurely drive and taking in all the gorgeous colors. There where you live I am sure there are gazillions of trees all dressed up for the season!

Your table is really representative of all the joys of autumn! The colors are perfect! I like all the various touches you added, especially the little cornstalk doll. Very cute!

That's a great idea how you stuffed the wire cage with all the pumpkins and other fall elements. I like how you put the wreath at the base of it to continue the color and texture outside the cage.

I love your ceramic pumpkin pie plate! I used to have one, but it was broken when I moved years ago. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream sounds good right about now!

Happy Fall, and have a wonderful weekend enjoying the change of colors!!!

Monica @ Texas Fiesta Ware Fan said...

Great table. The centerpiece is my favorite. I've missed your posts. I hope to be around more often.

Anonymous said...

So all the fall colors. Beautiful!

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