Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stars and stripes forever.

Both my husband ,second world war, and his father, 1st world war served in the army air force and Army.
To all my 2 brothers ,nephews ,uncles and cousins and friends who served in the  Army ,Navy ,Airforce .Thank you for keeping our country safe. Everyone one was so patriotic  in the 1st and.second world war.we bought war bonds ,women rolled bandages and worked in factories building  planes like Rosie the riveter. The USO put on shows to keep up the moral of the boys. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope for example. I was just a teen ager but remember it well.

Our town lost a lot of our boys and we had a lighthouse memorial with all their names. We now have a new one made of stone with a brick walk way with the names of our veterans. My husband and father in law have their names there. We will have a parade and the laying of a wreath there. My husband was in the color guard so marched in the parades and attended funerals for vets.

Stars and stripes center piece.Cup is holding sparkly center piece.

 Our town have flags all year round on telephone poles. My cardinal looks proud to guard the flags. Found most of  the pails ,place mats, etc at my  favorite thrift store.
Cobalt blue dish will hold sweets. there will be veterans asking for donations for poppies to help out .
Star candles in ruby candle holders.
Have you guessed what this is?  It is a reflector  and I used them for coasters.
Perfect for this tablescape. I live on the street the parade goes by so the two dogs and kitty can sit and watch the parade of legion ,bands and scouts march. They are so good and never make a peep.
More blue and red and white. Like all over the country there will much entertainment to keep the crowd.  Out door barbecues . craft fairs, music. Pray for the men and women in the service who are keeping our coutry free and peaceful.  Extra prayers for them and pray they come home safe. The world is in so much  turmoil we don't
know the outcome so lets all join together and pray for peace.
It takes a long time to find items to make up theme   table scapes. 


Mona said...

A lovely tribute Vernice. I'm grateful to the men & women who have served, and sacrificed for this country.
What a cleaver idea! Reflector coasters. :) I really enjoy seeing your tablescapes!

Marlis said...

Thank you to all the men and women who have served. This is a lovely tribute to them. Love your table! And those reflector coaster.. They'd be great at night too. Have a blessed Memorial Day. xo marlis

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Hi Vernice- you are too cute using a reflector for a cup holder! Your table looks great and what a lovely tribute you made. My father and grandfather were in World War I and II. It was a country filled with lots of patriotism and a lot of sacrifices were made. It's good to be reminded of that. As they say "Freedom isn't Free". Have a nice Memorial weekend,

Tea in Texas said...

Love your thoughts on Memorial Day! Your family has had so many to serve as has mine! We are fortunate to live in a free country and remember their sacrific. Your flag decorations on the table are lovely. I hope you enjoy the weekend parade and laying of the wreath. Take care of you and your dogs!


annos said...

Vernice, you speak straight from the heart and I was touched by your words. As usual, you came up with some clever ideas for your table, like using the reflectors as coasters.

Anonymous said...

As usual, great table ideas and a fine tribute!

You have been there, you know what you are talking about. May God bless you!

Alycia Nichols said...

What a glorious show of patriotism, Vernice! You did a wonderful job on this table, and it's a brilliant example of what people can create by going to thrift stores and looking around. You always find such great stuff to use for your tablescapes!!!

I always love to hear the stories behind the tables. I remember that your husband served, but I don't think that I knew he was in the color guard. That's neat!

I hope that your Memorial Day weekend is a good one. Enjoy the parade and all the other festivities!

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