Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My inspiration start that a friend gave me.  I am going to try and make some from a lace curtain.

My place setting mix and match.  Seeing it is so hot and muggy I choose a cold lunch.  No cooking for me.

If you look close you will see the flower cut out on silky napkin.  The rose is a car holder but I know who I am, lol
A bit of rasberry passion tea in my Rose teapot and sugar and creamer.

Salad plate this is a mix of rose dishes

I only have 2 of these plates but love the scalloped edge and gold trim, I used my gold sprayed tableware .
While corn is in season I have enjoyed the sweet and tender ears cooked in micro wave with husks on..
Extra veggies and cheese with onion dip
Tossed salad with dried fruit no dressing
Healthy hardy dessert. Banana with graham cracker crumbs and squirt of chocolate

A little crystal delight in irredecent thumb print glass vintage.

I have 4 of these plates each with a different flower.  From my favorite thrift store.

I will have a cup of tea with my dessert.  I quess I will sign off I am getting hungry,lol
My town has been very active.  We have so many events going on.  This week will be the Antique show and craft fair .  Last weekend the museum festival and boat show and auction.  All the streets were parked cars. I don't drive down town.It was too windy for the boat parade . I don't know if they had it as there were storm warnings.Every morning I hear hammering ,sawing, big trucks.  There is so much building and remodeling going on. New sidewalks . I live on a busy street so lots of traffic.  Our summer is so fast they have to make the money in a short time. Thanks Susan for hosting .


Marlis said...

OOh what a delightful way to treat oneself! I love the lace placemat with the blue backing.. so very pretty. Makes the blue napkin just seem like a set! Your sweet rose dishes are really so pretty. I love them all. The capodimonte card holder is exquisite. Heirloom? Great table.. co marlis

Texas Tea Party said...

I appreciate the idea of a cold menu for it is so hot this time of year. The roses on your china are great for a summery table and the rashberry tea is one of my favorites! The food looks so delicious. Please pop over to my post on finds I found at GW and used in a tablescape.

Thanks, Pam

Linda said...

Oh my. First off, your food pics are killing me. I can't eat today because of testing tomorrow. Am starving.
I love all your florals and the pretty tea cups. Love that blue napkin.
I also love eating outdoors, but weather sure has not cooperated lately. Looking forward to some cooler evenings.

kitty said...

What a sweet place setting for one. The lace placemat is sooo pretty. I can't wait to see how you make some from the lace panel. What a great idea. Your meal looks so tasty, too. I love your dishes and your vintage tumbler.

Linda said...

Very pretty Vernice. I love the chia with the blue napkin. The lace placemat is so elegant. I will wait to see what you do with the lace panel. So glad you got your blog posts working again.

Gina said...

You've set such a wonderful table. I love the mix of different china pieces, each one so pretty. Your food looks delicious!!

Donna Heber said...

Your lace placemat is gorgeous and perfect for your tablescape! Love your mix of china for a casual, but elegant feel.

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