Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's day

When I was setting this up I remembered the tv show I remember mama.  If you saw it you are dating yourself.  My mom had 14 births one died of hernia and another a still born. Remember the other tv show cheaper by the dozen. We  never knew our mother was pregnant we just thought she was fat .Oh for that era  again we were not world wise.We were poor and didn't know it.  My memories are so sweet.  How she managed I don't know.

this is a Norman Rockwell cup called memories. So many.  We lived in a small house and sometimes three in a bed.  It was cold upstairs in the winter so we three girls would vie for the middle.  I remember falling out of bed as I was on the outside. If I was a writer the stories I could tell.
I thought it is spring time so went with the pastel geen and pink.  My mom was so many things in her life time.  she loved to cook and wrote recepies that she cooked up for a local newspaper . She never used her name.  She wrote about her family so people suspected. She loved to do crafts ,a church goer, loved by all. I remember she had a dream she was seeing a stairway with diapers strung all the way up to Heaven.  Her parents died when she was young met my Dad and fell in love.  They wanted a large family.
I added the pink ribbon  and will put  some appetizers on it .
finger food. We lived on a dead end sreet and the road was our playground. No one had cars back then in our little world so we would sit on the curb and play simon says. We never was bored as there was quite a few kids in our neighborhood.
Made the little sugar cubes for tea.  I colored sugar and froze them in a mold.  It doesn't show the little roses on top.We were poor but dad bought one of the early black and white tv.  We would turn the lights off and watch I love lucy etc.  When it was time for bed and turned on the light all the neighborhood kids would be sitting on the floor.
My mom loved her bears so found a pink one for her.  Pink violets for me haha.  One year near Christmas time we were all exposed to coal gas.  My brother woke up and woke my mother.  We all came tumbling down the stairs.  we all later sat around the Christmas tree glad we would be there for Santa.
My mom had dementia and was given a toy poodle.  How she loved that dog.  I ended up with peppy and just last year had to put him to sleep.  I now have my Peanut.
I love the rippled border and dainty flowers.
Salad plate tiny flowers match the dinner plate.
I always try to get a birdie in.  When we were kids we skated on pond with a bon fire to keep warm. Slid down the hill by the rail tracks on cardboard boxes, made angels in the snow.  The new snow my mom would make candy on the snow yummy.
Mismatched cup and saucer.  In the summer we would swim down by the boat houses.We learned to swim in the shallow water. We would walk down the tracks and pick strawberries and black berries.
The sugar and creamer match the tea holders and salad plates.
Small tea pot.  We had a wood stove in the living room and a big iron range in the kitchen.  My mom would get up early and get the rooms warmed up for us.  Hot cereal and toast. Sometimes milk from the farmer.

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This is  one big cupcake.  I sprinkled some of my colored sugar on top. My mom never complained but did what she had to do. My Dad worked in the city so we didn't see him much except on the weekend. He said he was rich with children .He was a quiet man but knew he loved us.One year my Dad broke his leg.  He fell off the roof trying to fix a leak and broke his leg.  My mom had to go to work in the knitting mill.

A rose for the most wonderful mom.  She lived 89 years.God bless you
A little sparkly.  We don,t drink so fake wine.This table scape in honor of my sweet mother and all your mothers who are not with you today. A mother's love lasts forever.


Barbara said...

What beautiful memories you have of growing up and your mother! Some of your stories sound like my mother. My mom grew up in the coal region of upstate Pennsylvania and is one of 8...4 sisters, 1 brother who will be 95 this year, and 2 step brothers. My mom was the baby of the bunch and she will be 85 in November. My parents are actually flying up from Florida today for my son'e first communion and after reading your post I am even more anxious to see them. Thank you for sharing your lovely table along with your most cherished memories! This is truly a very special post.

Have a beautiful weekend!!!

Alycia Nichols said...

Ah, man, Vernice....I am just floored. I read this post, then went back to the top to read it again. Then I went back to look at the pictures. This is really touching. With a family of 12 kids, I'm sure the stories you could tell would fill a book bigger than "War & Peace"!!! The love that was shared within your family is so great, and to have had parents who loved and cared for you guys (and apparently each other, as well) so deeply is priceless. I don't remember "I Remember Mama", but I most certainly remember "Cheaper By the Dozen"!!! Fun stuff!!! Reading this makes me think what a little snot I was in my childhood, complaining because I had to share a room with my messy, messy sister. Here you guys were having to share a bed! I could see how that would be pretty great in the winter months, though! Your memories of all the neighborhood kids coming over to watch "I Love Lucy" is so cool. Shows like that are endearing AND enduring, and the feel they had can never be replaced. The innocence of it all astounds me now. My Mom has often said the same thing about her upbringing: "We were poor and didn't know it." I think it makes a person quite strong and builds an awful lot of character that is lacking in this present day when many kids think they are entitled to a half million dollar house and a brand new car without so much as a high school education or a job! I know that even though we were not poor, our parents made us 3 kids work for EVERYTHING. They DID grow up poor and wanted us to understand that nothing in life is have to work for every crumb that is thrown your way. They also taught us that respect is EARNED, not bullied out of people. On to your beautiful table this week! I love the colors, and I really like what you did with the reticulated stand. I have one like it, but I never thought to thread ribbon through it like that. Very pretty! The poodles are such a cute addition to the table, and I love how you added the Teddy bear & the pink rose to honor your Mom's memory. This is so sweet. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing such poignant memories from your heart & soul with us.

Barbara said...

I was so happy to read your stories. What tales you can tell! Your table is such a gracious tribute to her. I am blessed to still have my mother with me. I hope to set a pretty table for her day. Blessings to you and your beautiful post.

Baye said...

I love your tablescape, but, even more, I loved reading all your memories. Hope you will share some summer memories soon!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What pretty dishes! I loved reading your memories of the past and how things used to be. It's amazing how things have changed over the years. When my husband passed away just 14 years ago there were no cell phones..and no computers. They were just then beginning to be in a few homes. Amazing how quickly and how vastly things change!
It's so nice meeting you!

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