Wednesday, August 24, 2011

teen talk

veggie salad with pepperoni and croutons
A little sweet if you desire
I have had these dishes a long time with the idea in my mind to do a teen tablescape except all my teen grand daughters are all grown up but still can act like teens haha
Complete place setting just right for teenagers.  They all wear jeans
Can you see they look like the butt of jeans.I made the napkins to go with the theme.
dinner plate , red tableware on a red and cream tablecloth
This is a tee store chocolate pot.  The other side is a jean shop
Isn't these the cutest chocolate pot.  The picture of an old fashioned soda bar.  the other side is a creamery store . I do remember when.
My treasure old time replica of a street pop corn machine See the vintage special coke bottles
Popcorn later anyone
Another view of table
Spicy hot pasta with cheese on top, if you dare , garlic bread and veggie salad
Teens always want chips and dip these are salt and pepper chips
Pizza and barbeque wings The  place mat are denim with beads across the bottom from pier1.
And last but not least moose tracks ice cream with strawberry and whip cream with a cherry on top wow
reproduction coke glass
newer glass
School is about to start so I thought it would be nice to have a  before school party.  What do teens talk about?  I promise I won't listen lol. The menu, being teen food. Pizza, pasta, salad, garlic bread and chicken wings.  Cola of course or Hot chocolate.  Ice cream sundae. Hey that,s all my favorite foods can I join them? That's a no no. I hear a lot of giggling.  I set up the table in the breakfast room.  The popcorn table is set up for later.


Jo's This and That said...

Really cute !

Sandy said...

I am FREAKING out, had these plates about 20 years ago and got rid of them. Been regretting it lately since I started joining BNOTP. Love them, thanks for the blast from the past.

Marlis said...

Love your denim plates!! oh how i wish i had some of those.. Especially with the red and white check napkins.. Cute teapots too and the popcorn set is darling.. xo marlis

Lizabeth said...

those are cute plates! Love the napkin with them..cute accent! The food looks great and I'm sure any teen would love it!

CNM said...

That is very cute! I like all the denim. My grandma had denim placemats that I'd love to get my hands on... Thanks for sharing!

Alycia Nichols said...

OH, wow, Vernice....I saw the rear end on those jeans and my mind immediately went first to James Dean and then to Bruce Springsteen! Oh, yeah! Those are just the cutest!!! They can go all 1950s or 1980s or 2011...they span the decades just like real jeans! The addition of the red & white napkin was pure genius...really added to the overall denim look! And you hit ALL the right foods, too. I guess I'm a teenager at heart because everything made me hungry! I love your popcorn stand, too. You did an INCREDIBLE job on this post, Vernice! All the little details are fabulous! I am all gushy 'cause it really does rock!!! Have a great week!

Entertaining Women said...

Great plates! They'd also be darling for a barbecue with red bandanas for napkins....and maybe some mini bales of hay. Ooooh...the mind is spinning now. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How cute this is. Love those fun plates with your checked napkins. Your menue is teen perfect!

Curtains In My Tree said...

those dishes are back in the day cute

did the earth quake get you any

and what about this hurricane comin IRENE? she is any threat to you ?

Monica said...

What a fun table. Love the dishes.

we three dogs and me said...

We are furthur west of the storm.My grandchildren do live in N.Y and N.C. And no I didn't feel the earthquake.Sarah the one who lives went to a wedding in Alabama so should be safe. Careese is in Charlotte so also should be safe. The storm is so unpredictible

Ginger said...

Love this tablescape! Another hit!
Perfect for the young crowd. My daughter has a Coke and white walls with Coke stuff everywhere. She would love this.
Great job! And that menu...not bad for the old folks either! Oh! how I wish we lived closer together,I'd be right over. LOL!
Stay safe up there.

Til next time...God bless you.

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