Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roses are pretty in pink

Now I must confess I am fake fake.  Fake fireplace ,fake flowers, fake chandy for looks only. I even have a fake guest unless you call the dogs guests as they love people food .lol  I did eat the meal goody
really sweet pink bird in nest.
cute angel under dome
votive candles on lace table runner
Long view of table place mats have square pastel colors and clear acrylic tableware cups and saucers with pink roses.  Love the vase with pink flowers.
White battenburg napkin with porcelain napkin ring
one cup tea set on its own platter.  Raspberry tea if you heart so desires
dainty Bavarian salad plate over pink pyrex dinner plate dessert strawberry yogurt strawberries and chocolate.  Drink crystal light  pink raspberry
see the miniature candle votives with pink flowers                     The next pictures are things that I have accomplished so far this year.The mirror was a fancy clock that would not keep good time so fancy mirror. The kitchen  leaked under 2 ft of snow.  Had to repaint and change border.  I made the shelf from part of an old piano sheet music stand. I painted back of hutch and decorated it for spring. The oak cupboard was a garage sale find plus a corner cabinet all wood.  Good deal. I got my new rug at TJMaxx all wool 5 by 7 129.00 dollars.  Love it. I am so happy with my life and feel fortunate that I am safe cozy and well fed lol.  when I think of Japanese people who are suffering.  We should all pray for them.  I can't amagine the grief and pain they are suffering.                                                                                                         

Made mantle for electric fireplace from scraps free

finished painting walls and ceiling and redoing hutch
Really big job 18 by 21 with wall paper removal
Menu sweet potatoes turkey and dressing strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce
I am sitting here having lunch by myself on my pretty mismatched rose dishes of chicken salad and strawberry yogurt contemplating over what I have accomplished so far this year. I have been feeling much better this year so want to do things while I still can. The biggy thing I have finished painting my large room which what I call the doll room. Blinged up several lampshades.  Actually painted ecru shade white added Blue checkered ruffle.Redo wall in breakfast room when 2 ft of snow caused leaking.Painted all white radiant heat covers plus all windows and door jambs and old cupboards in breakfast room plus many small recycling old odd pieces. Got new area rug in doll room. I still have many projects I would like to get so I can enjoy the nice weather and work garden and deck. I get very tired so rest between projects.I took out  old tile in breakfast room to put in new flooring.Whew did I really do all that? The dogs were no help lol                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I was at a loss on what to post then I thought I haven't had lunch why don't I pamper myself so I decided that my roses my daughter gave me for my birthday now wilted and gone would make me remember my 80 birthday.  I really didn't know what I had with pink roses so I shopped the house and this is what I came up with.                                                                                                                                                              


Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

Girl, you have been busy ... don't over-do! I can't get my dogs to help either ... they just guard me and supervise! Then, when the project is done, they konk out on the floor (or couch) ... like they've worked really hard. Everything looks really nice ... that snow was horrible for you folks in the northeast ... we didn't get much in Southern Illinois. Spring is near ... thanks for sharing all your news! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Marlis said...

Oh, you make me feel badly about how little i have accomplished. your list is astounding. your table is quite lovely. Love those floral plates.

Donnie said...

Your roses are gorgeous. wish I could shop the house and come up with more than paper home is so sweet and you.

Phyllis said...

I so enjoyed my little visit with you this evening! You have such a vivid imagination and tons of creativity. And, lady, you can work circles around me! I want you to know that you are NOT "fake" are most honest. I love the fact that you search for items for your tablescapes and work with what you find......that truly takes an artist to do that!!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You are one busy lady! Your home looks so lovely. I do really like your new wall color -- I've got to tackle a wallpapered dining/kitchen this's just time. *sigh* You've got a beautiful table -- love your pretty pinks! Love what you've shared and there's nothing "fake" about that!

Aledia said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

You certainly are a busy lady! I just love all your pinks!! and I think your mantle looks great!

Happy St. Patricks Day and Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Alycia Nichols said...

If I had HALF the energy you have to even START all those projects...!!! My goodness! You give me inspiration, but you also make me feel like I really need to get on the ball! Pink roses. My very, very favorite color! What a beautiful gift from your daughter! I love pink roses, pink dishes, pink everything!!! Thanks for giving me my pink fix for the week! let's talk about this birhtday of yours. You have turned 80??!?!!! Hip, hip, hooray and right on!!! As for the dogs...TOO funny!!! Bambi was definitely NOT enjoying the costumes, but Peanut seemed to be cool with the whole thing! Also, I think it's funny that you said you even store things for your tablescapes under the bed. I do that, too! I have several of those underbed pullout things that get a regular workout! We're two peas in a pod on that one! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog last night, and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful St. Patrick's Day. Happy Belated Birthday to you!

Elisabeth said...

Your lunch looks yummy and I love that pink angel under the dome. Very cute.

Your fireplace mantle was made out of scraps? Very inspirational. I need lots of nudges from other bloggers to help me find sparks of creativity. lol

Thanks for the visit at my blog. I appreciated the comment.


Marigene said...

Your mantle is amazing! Beautiful table...beautiful china.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wow! what a job! Hope to see the outcome soon.

YOur table is so pretty with all your pieces.

Happy TS,

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hello Pretty Lady,

I really am amazed when you said "you're 80". I LOVE YOU for giving me the courage. See! an old at age with a young at heart? Nothing compares to anyone.

Keep up the good job Lady, and how I wish we are around to help you with your projects.

Thanks you so much for giving me my heart more younger too. HOpe to catch up with you again.

x0x0 & God Bless...
/chie & D´Vikings

Entertaining Women said...

Oh my! You've done enough for five 30 year olds. Way to go! The Bavarian china patterns are always some of the prettiest. Thank you for sharing your projects and your design. Cherry Kay

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